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Preacher Review: Killers, Magicians and the Search for God Continues in “Mumbai Sky Tower”

by on June 27, 2017

After a season premiere that hit all the right notes, action, horror, gore, humor, great writing, it was almost a foregone conclusion that there would be a letdown of sorts. I mean, following that up with something just as good would be impossible, right? Right?


As crazy and fun as “On The Road” was, “MuScreen Shot 2017-06-26 at 3.20.25 PM []mbai Sky Tower” matches that on different levels as Rogen and Goldberg take the reins once again in this whacked out television series known as Preacher. Whether they are drawing on material from the comics or creating some parts on their own, there is insanity at every turn while taking a good, hard look at what the search for God is really about.

When we left off last week, Jesse was about to get shot by The Saint of Killers but wouldn’t you know fate intervened, in the form of some poor sap driving a truck, and Jesse was saved. This little moment highlights Jesse’s main flaw, that surrounding Genesis as well, in that he has a very casual outlook on the fate of anyone else except those he has decided are important to him. This side of him is rather ugly and it will be interesting to see how it develops over the season. (Although the insane shootout with the gun nuts showed his other side as well)

Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip turn to the fallen angel Fiore for help, except he’s got issues of his own. Lost and suicidal after losing his partner and sidekick DeBlanc, Fiore is lost and alone in the world of humans and damn if you don’t feel sorry for him. However, this quickly turns to happiness and humor as Fiore turns his plight into a working stage magician, killing himself over and over again to the delight of the crazy ass audience. (You have to love the front row crowd with ponchos on to protect themselves from flying blood)

Fiore is still pretty sore about kn6SNJesse using Genesis so it’s left up to Cassidy to try and get some information and cooperation from Fiore using his wit, charm and lots and lots of drugs. It’s a hilarious sequence and a great little bonding moment between the two, and although Fiore comes around it’s never that simple in this show and with these characters. In the end, Fiore is a more tragic figure than anything and Jesse’s attitude about Genesis leads to The Saint of Killers still being hot on their trail.

Through all the mayhem though, this was an episode about the romance between Tulip and Jesse and how the past can come back to bite you in the ass, time and time again. It seems nothing will ever be easy for these two but as we watch them sort of re-connect as a couple, even though each of them tries their best to deny it at one point or another, their passion will be an important bit of strength to draw on as they hit obstacles on their road trip. Tulip also shows that she can take care of herself, no matter what the circumstances, but it’s her past that seems to be a point of contention that she, and now Jess and Cassidy, will have to face during this quest of theirs.

A great follow up to the season two premiere, “Mumbai Sky Tower” has everything a Preacher fan would want and these first two episodes are a great way to wet the viewers appetite for what lies ahead.

Four stars out of five


- The romance between Tulip and Jesse is very real and a joy to watch

- Cassidy and Fiore bonding...

- Crazy ass sense of humor


- Jesse and his lack of interest in the fate of most people

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Bottom Line

A superb follow up to the season two premiere, "Mumbai Sky Tower" was everything that Preacher should be...and more. Great characters and writing have made Preacher a must watch for viewers this summer

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