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Preacher Review: It’s All About Family in Angelville

by on June 25, 2018

It’s funny that out of all the people and obstacles Jesse has faced over the first two seasons of Preacher, his biggest challenge would be facing his family. A return to Angelville, to things he has been running from his whole life, should be very interesting for Jesse and if this season’s first episode is any indication, more violence, and chaos than ever before.

The first episode picks up right where last season left off, with Tulip dying and Jess and Cassidy literally at each other’s throats. However, that is nothing compared to where they have to turn to try and help Tulip, back to Jesse’s hometown and a very powerful and vile woman named Madame “Gran’ma” L’Angelle. Gran’ma, with her hulking bodyguard/enforcer Jody and loyal soldier and caretaker T.C., are a formidable trio that has nothing but bad memories for Jesse. However, when you are desperate, it’s amazing where you will go for help.

Madame L’Angelle’s home is really one big house of horrors, though. Flashbacks let you in on her cruelty, even to her own kids, and one can see why Jesse ran screaming from this nightmare. We didn’t get a peek at what Jesse had to endure but I’m sure that will be coming as the season wears on. Still, one has to wonder what price Jesse will really have to pay by having ole’ Gran’ma help Tulip.

Speaking of Tulip, her soul is hanging around in Purgatory which has her reliving some horrific family memories of her own. It seems all of the characters on this show are running from some kind of horrible past, be it self-inflicted or pushed upon them. Maybe this is why the group of Cassidy, Tulip and Jesse got on so well for so long until jealousy reared its ugly and violent head.

This, of course, brings us to our main three cast members, who have come to some kind of crossroads themselves. The oddest of companions, these three have managed to stay together and friends through many different adventures but as we enter season three, it looks like the group is getting ready to be pulled apart, at least for a while. This is probably a good thing as there are enough good characters on this show to fill the void if the three musketeers get separated to go find themselves, or in Tulip’s case, to find out what a certain powerful entity dressed in a dog suit has in store for her.

It will be interesting to see what the new location, that being Angelville, does to the overall atmosphere of the show as well. Last season, New Orleans began to feel a little stale but maybe the change of scenery and cutting back a few episodes ( 13 to 10 ) will help make the show feel a little tighter and move at a better, more determined pace.

However you look at it, Preacher is off to a solid start and the new characters are sure to add some chaos and into everyone’s lives, especially Jesse, and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

Four stars out of five


- Angelville looks to be a great setting for this season

- Gran'ma is damn evil

- How long before our beloved trio splits up in some way?


- While Angelville looks to be a great setting, the writers need to keep it from becoming stale, like New Orleans did last season

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Bottom Line

A solid start to the season, Angelville looks to be a great place for Preacher to play with its particular madness, violence, and depravity. Gran'ma looks to be a great addition, an evil that Jesse finally has to face.

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