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Preacher Review: Fun for Everyone in “Les Enfants du Sang”

by on July 30, 2018


It seems the goal of this week’s episode was to let each character have at least one great line and to that end, mission accomplished. What was even better though was the free-flowing comedy at every turn, something that’s been missing as of late, while at the same time the viewers got to enjoy some great storylines.

It was great to see Eugene back in the fold, especially with his brand new foster dad The Saint of Killers, but where the heck is Hitler? Seriously, Eugene and Hitler together are the greatest oddball combo I’ve seen in a TV series in a long time and I hope they get back together soon. While we wait for that, which shouldn’t take too long with The Saint of Killers on his mission for the Devil, welcome back Eugene.

Back in Angelville, Gran’ma is down and out, Tulip’s life is tied to the evil old psycho staying alive, so she, Angel, T.C. and Jody come up with a plan to try and save them both. Of course, Gran’ma and company never really play by the rules so you know this plan is going to go to hell, pardon the pun. Still, it allowed a short break from the doldrums of Gran’ma’s house so that in itself was a victory. The plan these four cooked up in terms of the robbery was great, especially T.C.’s contribution, who is one hilarious but sick puppy.

Cassidy finally comes face to face with the Les Enfants du Sang, who are a bunch of vampire wannabees that are led by a rather interesting and charismatic vampire. Cassidy resists his offer to be ‘friends’ at first, to learn what he knows, some of which he displays in very convincing demonstrations. Tired and lonely, Cassidy returns to this strange group, so it will be interesting to see where this goes. I’m glad Cassidy has his own storyline now as the one he left behind in Angelville was getting a little old and boring.

As always though, Herr Starr gets the best lines and storylines whenever he is part of the show. Pip Torrens continues to deliver his deadpan lines with humor, sarcasm and just enough edge to still make him a menacing figure on the show. Having to deal with his idiot sidekicks, the dumb ‘God in waiting’ and now the AllFather has left him with little patience for anything except perfection. I guess he always wanted perfection, the way he thought the world should be, but now he has no room to make any mistakes.

Preacher can be guilty of focusing too much on one plot, Angelville is a great example, but this week it took advantage of its many great characters and turned the whole episode into a roaring good time. It is still strange to see the whole ‘search for God’ plot kind of disappear but it becomes less of an issue when you have great episodes like this. Fast-paced, fun, with some hilarious lines, this was the Preacher of old and it was a very welcome sight.

Four and a half stars out of five


- Great humor and storylines this week

- Cassidy now has his own storyline, which is great

- Herr Starr still steals all the scenes he is in


- Has the search for God plot just disappeared?

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Bottom Line

A wonderfully paced episode full of humor and action, "Les Enfants du Sang" was a great example of Preacher at its best

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