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Preacher Review: A Visit to Hell and New Orleans in “Damsels”

by on July 4, 2017

The search for God has taken our fun-loving trio to New Orleans, jazz fan that he is, and we get a backstory for Arseface, including what Hell is like for him. Arseface and his current dilemma are definitely the more interesting of the two story lines, but there are some interesting things that happen in New Orleans, including Tulip having to face up to her past.Preacher-203-6-600x400

You would figure that New Orleans would bring some interesting characters and situations into the mix and sure enough before you can say ‘where is God?’, Tulip, Jesse, and Cassidy are starring some strange things New Orleans has to offer square in the face. In fact, while Jesse goes off solo in search of God, Cassidy’s friend Dennis, who puts them up at his place, doesn’t seem to know Cassidy at all, despite Cassidy’s claim that they go way back. It is a strange situation that is funny at the same time and both actors play it up perfectly.

Of course, this is about the search for God but Tulip’s mysterious and dangerous past not only threatens them all but the pace of the episode as well. The constant back and forth between the story line and Tulip’s worried face got old pretty quick, but thankfully there is great acting and writing concerning many other things to keep the episode moving. Jesse finally gets a legitimate tip, or so he thinks, but instead, the woman with the info turns out to be part of a group of religious fanatics led by someone who will be very familiar to those who know comics from which this show came from.

The real meat of the episode thougPreacher-203-12-600x400h involves Eugene and how he is fairing down in Hell. The truth is, it is worse than I imagined as he is forced to re-live how he became Arseface and believe me, it’s not a very nice story. Tragic and heartfelt, you really feel for Eugene and immediately start rooting for him as he seemingly finds a way out of his confinement. However, whether it is a test or just another bit of torture for his soul to endure, Eugene runs into another character that anyone, no matter if you read the comics or not, will instantly recognize. It is a great story line and very well done, making Eugene seem like that underdog that you want to see somehow succeed in his quest to escape his living hell.

I can’t imagine they writers are going to invest they’re valuable time in all the people that Cassidy, Jesse, and Tulip have hurt or ripped off. That would be a show in of itself. I do understand the need to paint a picture of who these characters really are, whether they should be the ones searching for God if they are worthy etc, but it has to be done in bits and pieces or the show will begin to lose its edge. That being said, the episode looked great, felt real and the introduction of some really awful characters only ups the ante moving forward.

I was glad to see Tulip come face to face with what she was avoiding in New Orleans, as this tells me they are going to deal with it sooner than later and not drag it out. I realize that The Saint of Killers can’t be in every episode either as that would diminish his status as such an imposing and lethal threat, so “Damsels” was a necessary and interesting piece to the overall puzzle that is Preacher.

Four stars out of five


- Eugene's story while tragic also introduces some interesting characters

- Hints at a back story for Cassidy

- Episode looked and sounded excellent


- Tulip and her 'bad' past story line was a bit of a drag

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Bottom Line

While not as explosive as the first two episodes, "Damsels" provided some great backstory's, hints at backstory's and laid the foundation down for many episodes to come.

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