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Preacher Review: A Strange But Fun Time in “Hitler”

by on August 6, 2018

Preacher has always been about going places no other show would dare. When it’s at its best, this show is entertaining, shocking and a whole lot of fun. However with “Hitler”, the showrunners seem to be holding onto the reins so to speak, going to the edge but not quite over, which also hurt some of the storylines. It was still a lot of fun but…strange.

Watching Herr Starr and Gran’ma meet to discuss Jesse’s soul in Angelville was fun, although pretty awkward for Jesse. Jesse has always been one to think he has things under control, which he doesn’t, and there could be no better example of that than watching these two chat about him like he wasn’t even there. In the end, an uneasy alliance was forged that has Tulip and Featherstone off to Tokyo on a mission, one that should be interesting since they hate each other. I don’t really know if I need to see Tulip off on a side mission at this point but I have faith there is some wackiness in store for the viewers with these two paired together.

Hitler finally, finally, returns and of course, he’s working at a restaurant putting sub sandwiches together. I mean, what else would you expect on this show? However, no sandwich making job can keep Hitler from his real goal/dream, which is, of course, planning some sort of world domination. His speech about what he thinks about the world was great, especially when delivered in a back alley to people who have no idea what he’s talking about. Still, when The Saint of Killers showed up, with Eugene in tow, it all ended too quickly. The show seems to have lost its way in terms of what to do with the dynamic duo of Eugene and Hitler, but I’m hoping these two still have some life together before the season ends.

Meanwhile, back in New Orleans, Cassidy sinks deeper into the world of Les Enfants du Sang or more to the point, the world of Eccarius. It seems to be a perfect fit for Cassidy, who loves dolling out little tidbits of wisdom to these wannabe vampires while Eccarius shows him things he’s learned as well. However, as to be expected, all is not what it seems here and Eccarius is a lot more sinister than he would like Cassidy to believe. Yeah, this is not going to end well and that’s a shame because it’s a great storyline and something that could have been carried on for a while. Still, it’s been wonderful watching Cassidy escape from Angelville the boring love triangle there, if only for a little while.

Overall the episode was a lot of fun but left too much hanging out there. Hilarious lines and great moments were stunted by some incomplete storylines and too much holding back in terms of violence and chaos, which is weird for this show. However, with only three episodes left I’m sure there is lots of time to horrify people with its vulgarity and in your face moments.

Three and a half stars out of five


- Herr Starr and Gran'ma's meeting

- Cassidy's storyline

- Hitler returns!


- Someone is holding back on the chaos, which is a weird decision for this show

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Bottom Line

A fun, strange but up and down ride, "Hitler" had some good moments that were unfortunately offset by inconsistent chaos.

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