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Orphan Black Season 4 Finale: From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths

by on June 19, 2016

This season has been a wild roller coaster ride revealing the foundation of Neolution and it’s role of clones throughout the entire series of Orphan Black. This season finale did not disappoint in wrapping up the current chapter of the series and left room for a fifth and (likely) final season. This being based on a panel John Fawcitt the director and some of the Orphan Black cast were at and the thoughts of goals for the show.

The episode starts with a flashback of the events following Delphine getting shot. We get a scene with Delphine, Duko, Krystal and a mystery player within Neolution. We see why Duko had to flee, but overall the idea to keep Delphine around after such a setup for her death back in season 3 feels a little far fetched even after this scene. I guess we’ll have to expect big things from her next season as a good reason to keep the character on the show.

Keeping up with the good news of preventing death amongst the protagonists we find out the resequencing of the genome worked by combining a Leda egg and a Castor sperm. That was until Cosima was locked out of the data almost immediately after she found out the experiment worked. Yet again the clone club has been betrayed and a cure for Cosima and the clones isn’t as close as they expected.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 5.01.04 PMJumping to the next scene, we see Krystal out with a friend watching the news as the interim CEO of Brightborn is introduced and it is none other than the guy who saved Delphine’s life in the opening scene. This leads Krystal to reach out to Felix for her info to trade intel for the truth. Tatiana Maslany’s valley girl accent is extremely entertaining in the form of Krystal and makes for a less serious tone while providing greater depth to the clone club and importance to Krystal’s character as she continually stumbles upon important information on the Neolutionists. We later see Sarah kidnap Dr. Ian Van Lier disguised as Krystal in hopes of getting more intel from him. Krystal’s added screentime during this season has been a plus from the show and we can’t wait to see how she reacts to the other clones we hope she’ll meet next season. Unfortunately with Krystal’s increased screen time we did not get to see much of Helena or anything from Alison in the season finale. We got a quick clip showing Donnie with Helena out in Helena’s wilderness hideout, where Alison was said to be sick.  For sake of saying they were in this episode, this clip was included in the episode but it really didn’t seem to serve any useful purpose.

This episode also gave us a closing to Evie Cho’s storyline as she confronts a board of Neolution members about the leaked footage of her admitting to euthanizing babies. The board members were not pleased with the situation and in the end Dr. Ian Van Lier activated the cheek worm in Evie which ended up being her ironic ending. For a weak antagonist it was a fitting ending to dispose of her after her plans for Brightborn fell through.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 7.19.50 PMGetting back to why Cosima was locked out of her research we find out Susan was planning on restarting more clone trials, but before she could get anywhere Rachel was two steps ahead of her and planned to pick up the open spot on the Board of Neolution members. With the help of another character who returned this episode (Ferdinand), she used her power over him to help her get back into power. Rachel revealed to the board she hoped to restart cloning and combine the trials with the implanted tech to maximize neolution science progress. This leads Rachel to fly back to the island to finish of Susan. Later we know Sarah goes after Rachel to protect Cosima, Charlotte and Rachel thanks to the intel from Dr. Ian Van Lier.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 7.47.27 PMThe episode really gets great when Rachel arrives at the island and Susan confronts her about betraying her sisters (when ironically Susan wasn’t going to be much help either). Rachel first runs into the man from her eye known as “a messenger” to Susan who tells her not to waiver. Right after, Rachel walks into the kitchen to find Susan who tries to talk her out of betraying her, but this only ends up with Susan getting stabbed in the chest with a knife. Cosima and Charlotte witness this stabbing and run out of the house to find the other settlement on the island. To add to the suspense we once again see Cosima is coughing up blood and has limited time left. Next we see Sarah get to the island and find Susan bleeding out in the mansion. She helps Susan into a chair but is then attacked by Rachel who as Susan exclaims “Has gone mad.” Sarah ends up getting stabbed in the leg by Rachel, but Susan manages to distract Rachel long enough for Sarah to escape out the building and get away. The last scene of Rachel and Susan, shows Susan patched up and revealing to Rachel her eye was made by P.T. Westmorland who is “the man behind the curtain.” He is also somehow still alive after writing the book on Neolution over a century ago! This is probably the biggest question heading into next season and even though this idea is extremely far-fetched I can’t wait to see how this plays out. P.T. Westmorland sounds like the antagonist fans of the series deserve and hopefully he’s a more intimidating and scary character than Evie Cho and Detective Duko were this season.

The next scene shows the Messenger finding Charlotte and Cosima freezing to death out in the cold until he leads them back to his village. At the village we see a dramatic scene of Delphine and Cosima reuniting, but Delphine warns Cosima they aren’t safe where they are. We see Cosima has stolen the gene therapy from the lab and hopefully Delphine and Cosima will be able to finish a cure next season.

In Sarah’s last scene we see her call Mrs.S and Kira to try and rescue her but Ferdinand has the two held hostage. This leaves her in a very vulnerable position starting next season, but it’s something I wish we didn’t have to wait a year for to see how this plays out, it was a great cliffhanger. In the very last scene we see the Board of Neolutionists allow Rachel to see P.T Westmorland and as they say that the doorbell rings.

This season finale has done an exceptional job at leaving a cliffhanger while not leaving the audience feel high and dry with the outcome of the episode. Overall the season has had it’s share of ups and downs, death’s and comebacks, gore, comedy, fun and entertainment. Unlike the happy last season finale with the big dinner scene with all the clones and Kira being reunited with Sarah this season took a much darker turn.

Going into next season there are still so many questions we have such as what will happen to Helena’s babies? Does Kira have some foresight power (as Cosima was supposed to set Sarah on fire)? How is Mr. Westmorland alive? Will Adele or MK return? Will Cosima get a cure? Is Susan going to survive? and all of these questions are going to drive me crazy! But we’ll just have to wait for next season to see where things will go from here…



- Great cliffhanger leading into the next season

- Incredible fight scene effects between Rachel and Sarah (how does one fight one's self?)

- Good ending for Evie Cho to make room for P.T. Westmorland

- We finally have the means to a cure!


- No big clone scene like the dinner scene from last season

- No further details on Kira's 'Special Gift'

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Bottom Line

I was a little sceptical about how this season would turn out, but I am more than excited for the next season now and my loyalty to the show has no longer waivered as they did such a great job at progressing this season along.

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