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Orphan Black Season 4: Episode 6 The Scandal of Altruism Review

by on May 20, 2016

This week’s episode has brought us a mix of everything we’ve seen this season into what feels like a conclusion to the story only 6 episodes into the season. The first season opens with a Beth flashback, where the story picks up detailing the last few hours before her death. We can see Beth knows of BrightBorn, after showing up to one of their parties to confront and kill Susan Duncan who is talking with Eva Cho. The scene is quite intense and really sets the bar high for the episode.

We’re then brought back to present day where Cosima and Sarah orchestrate a plan to work with Susan on a cure as well as get the worm out of Sarah’s cheek. The plan is the central storyline of the episode. We next see Sarah meeting with Susan Duncan, Ira and EvaScreen Shot 2016-05-20 at 11.01.50 PM Cho to iron out the details of the trade. The trade was the original genome for a LEDA cure and the removal of the worm from Sarah’s cheek. But to ensure that Castor clones were incurable only specific white blood cells would be given, which is all possible due to Kendall Malone’s leukemia. The science discussed in the episode was quite advanced, well written and interesting, but even with a science background it got almost too specific and confusing at points. Especially when discussing the science of the cheek worms. It’s also important to note that although the science was specific, the special fx on the scenes with the worms and trying to create a realistic image fell a little short as it is difficult to create such great effects on a tv budget.

Throughout the episode we get more insight into Susan’s role as a scientist and creator. We get to see how invested she is in her clones in several scenes, but they do a weird job of shifting this Neolution antagonist icon, into a protagonist this episode. During her scene with Beth we can see she is trying to protect Beth and her sisters. When it came down to the decision to get the genome she even put her love interest (Ira, and a Castor clone) aside to further the science behind creating a perfect human.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 11.29.15 PMWhile all this is happening Felix and Art are doing damage control with Krystal. Krystal has become my favorite clone of the season with her valley girl accent, crazy theories and how she’s a manicurist. Her bubbly personality was the comic relief of the episode as Donnie, Alison and Helena were absent this episode. The scene where she maces Felix is priceless. Felix’s reaction was the right mix of panic, pain and confusion and was spot on. And the follow up shot of Krystal getting a whiff of how terrible the mace smells only made it funnier. This was definitely the best of the scene of the episode. In the end they get Krystal to calm down and tell her, that the cosmetic industry is behind everything, just as she believes, but we get left on a cliffhanger when we find out she witnessed Delphine’s death. In all truth I thought this would have led to a big explanation scene this episode….but it didn’t.

Back to the main storyline things seem to be going smooth. Sarah gets her Worm taken out and Kendall gets the DNA samples removed from her and everyone should have been happy right? Well things went south quickly, but they went south unpredictably as Susan and Ira are both set up by Eva Cho in the big reveal near the end of the episode. Kendall is quickly taken hostage, despite security provided by Mrs.S and Eva manages to wipe all of Scott and Cosima’s medical research through a virus that infected their hard drive. This all seemed to happen really fast and thinking about it neither of these two plot points should have been possible, not to mention how easy it seemed to be to accomplish. But Eva is the new head villain of the show for now as she (and Detective Duko) are responsible for the murder of Kendall Malone, possibly Delphine Cormier and as revealed in a final flashback the suicide of Beth. The storyline came together incredibly to mix the present events with Beth’s moments, but something about Eva being the next villain seemed underwhelming as she still doesn’t come off as a threat. In the end we are left with Eva escaping, and the clones back to square one as their research and genome leverage are up in smoke.





- Beth's storyline get some closure and it was worth the wait

- More Krystal screentime for added entertainment

- Kendall had a strong send off before her storyline came to a close


- No Allison, Donnie, Helena or Kira

- Several unrealistic plot points (the kidnapping and the data virus)

- Weak intro to Eva Cho as the next villain

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Bottom Line

The story is left really open ended at this point and we no longer have a good idea what's in store for the rest of the season.

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