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Orphan Black Season 4: Episode 2 Transgressive Border Crossing Review

by on April 27, 2016

This was an episode to make its audience squirm (pun intended!). Transgressive Border Crossings takes us back to the present Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 7.42.04 PMtimeline right after the events of MK warning Sarah the neolutionists have tracked them down. As quickly as we saw Sarah settle in with Kira, Mrs. S and Kendall, they just as quickly burned down their safehouse and we’re smuggled back into Canada. The group first arrives at a hideout location, the Rabbit Hole Comics Store. But Kira and Kendall were quickly transported away to a separate safehouse. To me, the Kira and Kendall storyline isn’t very important and I hope it takes a backseat to other sub-plots this season. The antagonist kidnapping gig for the DNA genome is important, but I’d rather see some progress in a cure for Cosima now that the genome is in the right hands. We know progress is being made on a cure because the Rabbit Hole Comic Store was also the base location of Cosima and Scott’s new lab, where Sarah met up with the two, as well as Allison over webcam. The sisters discuss the appearance of MK and her connection with Beth, there is also mention of Delphene (who we are assuming is dead based off what we saw last season).

Next we get Art and Sarah looking into Beth’s case, which leads them back to Beth’s apartment for one last visit. Beth’s apartment is all packed up as Dyad no longer needed the place with Paul and Beth out of the way. To me this scene wasn’t very significant because it really just regurgitated a lot of last episode and the Beth flashbacks didn’t have the same intensity as the previous episode may have led into.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.01.19 PMNext off we get to finally see Helena! Donnie and Helena are at the health clinic to get an ultrasound on Helena’s baby. Unfortunately Helena is still an illegal immigrant? So she has to pretend to be Allison to use her health card and therefore she has to pretend Donnie is her husband. The scene brings a slew of comedic relief and we also get the surprise that Helena is not having one, but two bebes! An interesting but foreseeable twist considering she’s a twin herself.

Back to Sarah’s story, we finally get to see Felix and what he’s been up to, but not before Sarah drags him to Club Neolution to follow up Beth’s case looking for a lead on the Pregnant Neolutionist who tipped Beth off about the worm. The viewers are greeted with a few shots of the unusual, that you’d come to expect from the Neolutionists, but the storyline was quite direct as Felix quickly tells Sarah his mission (for at least the next little while) which is to search for his birth family. Sarah isn’t too happy as she tried to convince Felix she’s still his family despite the distance growing between them.

Next Sarah is being pulled aside, because she’s being mistaken for MK, where she is exposed for the first time to the “organic tech” found in people’s cheeks, and once again it doesn’t go well for the host. Now we’ve seen a worm kill it’s host on it’s own, kill it’s host as a defense mechanism for being removed and we’ve seen a victim with their cheek completely removed but the worm was still intact. Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 8.21.52 PMSadly we still don’t know the purpose of this tech or it’s full potential. But as Dr. Nealon mentioned in the last season wherever we think the science is, clearly we have no idea!

Next Scott finds out Kendall has leukemia and her clock is ticking! Alright so now her storyline is a ticking time bomb, but I still think the show will still go on strong after she’s gone. It’s nice to see they’ve added more urgency to the genome issue and I think the scene added to both their characters. It definitely makes me feel for Kendall. Now that she’s been reunited with her family hopefully her last moments will be her redeeming moments to make up for the estranged relationships she’s had in her past.

Approaching the end of the episode Sarah is supposed to meet MK, but to her dismay all she get’s is a phone call. Once again we get a sense of how careful MK is. The phone in the dryer and the boots on the table seems over the top, but for how long MK has been around without getting caught, I guess it makes sense she’s playing it so safe. MK gives Sarah three minutes to talk, but even through their conversation MK was not into giving Sarah the answers she was looking for. In the middle of the talk we get another Beth flashback, showing her and MK in Beth’s apartment the day before she died. From MK’s perspective we know she knew Beth as a friend (and possibly her only one), but Beth left anyways with a hug and a message watch out for the others. MK reveals the bio implants have something to do with Beth choosing suicide. Next we see MK is actually outside of the Laundromat, but when Sarah tries to go outside to meet her, she drives off. Naturally Sarah goes back inside to grab her phone and boots, but this time she encounters the two EMS workers from the first episode! We find out the two are after MK, but when the larger male worker pins Sarah down and sticks his finger to the inside of her cheek, chills ran down my back. When the worker says it’s Sarah Manning things go from scary to scarier! One we know she has a cheek implant and this is confirmed in the last scene of the episode. Second do these worms carry data on the implant host, or were they just tracking Sarah down and know it was her and not MK. Thirdly we don’t know how long the bio implant has been in Sarah. Was it when she was kidnapped by Dyad, was it in her since the beginning, or was it when she was examined when the scientists thought she was Beth!

Like I said this episode (and season so far) has taken a very gory turn compared to those in the past. The bio implants are creepy, advanced and the visuals suit the Neolution antagonists. It makes for an interesting storyline and we’ll have to wait and see how the rest of the season unfolds.


- Helena's storyline is great comedic relief and it adds a welcome twist to her pregnancy

- The clones are working more closely than ever

- Maggots...cheek implants...Oh My!


- Felix and Kira's storyline don't feel very important right now

- It seems like a weird decision Sarah and the group would return to Canada so quickly after they've fled

- We still don't know enough about MK

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Bottom Line

The show does a good job at setting up what we can expect for the rest of the season. The neolutionists are a great sci fi villain to bring back while not adding more confusion as to which evil corporation is in charge. There are still a lot of unanswered questions, but let's hope this season continues to progress using the events of the past, present and future clones we've come to know and love.

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