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Movie Review: Buckout Road

by on November 25, 2017

Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival 2017

I have to say, the creative minds behind Buckout Road did a great job in making the film much more than a simple ghost story. Weird ass albino killers in the woods, a woman seeking revenge as she strolls around at night and oh yes, witches. The result is a great mix of different time periods and genres that is executed very well by an excellent cast of actors, both veteran and new.

The story of Buckout Road, the most haunted road in the New York State, is investigated by a trio of kids for a project in school. Strolling into this wonderful environment is Aaron Powell (Evan Ross) who is home from the military to stay with his grandfather Dr. Powell (Danny Glover). Aaron soon meets one of the kids doing the project, Cleo Harris (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) who is having dreams about the events from Buckout Road. After talking with Cleo, Aaron himself begins to have the same dreams but he can interact with the characters instead of suffering from the frustration of being paralyzed and forced to simply watch things unfold.

Soon Aaron and Cleo, with help from Eric (Kyle Mac) and Derek (Jim Watson), dig deeper into the whole Buckout Road mystery, uncovering the two albinos, the three witches and the infamous farmhouse owned by slave owner John Buckout and his wife. The worst part for our gang of unlikely heroes is that they are thrown into the story of death and sacrifice that has been going on for a long time.

Director Matthew Currie Holmes does a great job of interweaving different time periods of horror as we take a trip with him down memory lane in terms of what kind of films he grew up on. The 80’s style horror, the wonderful 70’s grind-house look, even the burning witches, they all seem to be love letters to things he enjoyed growing up. While I love the different genres mixing it up I was even happier to see it done almost seamlessly, not just thrown up there for nostalgia sake but having the mix of genres enhance the movie-going experience.

The powerhouse supporting cast was amazing but even better, the younger members of the cast seemed to fit in with them very well and not be completely overwhelmed by their presence on screen. Danny Glover was fantastic, as was Henry Czerny in the very interesting role of Detective Harris but I don’t think I could ever get tired of watching Colm Feore work, this time appearing as Reverend Mike, a man who has a very large influence on Aaron during the movie.

Ross and Chalkley hold their own though, and this is one of the reasons the movie is a success. They could have easily been overwhelmed by this cast but instead rose to the challenge, including walking that difficult tightrope between horror and comedy, something that can make or break a horror movie.

This was quite the film, mixing horror, history, thriller, and mystery and doing it very well. A great cast, wonderful direction and interesting story made this a great movie from start to finish.

Four out of five stars


- Stellar cast from top to bottom

- Nice mix of genres from different time periods

- Solid mix of horror and comedy


- A few moments of very loose dialogue and strange interactions between characters

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Bottom Line

- A great cast, solid story and wonderful vision, Buckout Road was a fun mix of many genres and time periods that worked very well.

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