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Movie Review: Anger of the Dead

by on December 30, 2015

With almost every type of medium now embracing the zombie craze, it is hard sometimes to get excited about yet another entry in the world of these decomposing fan favorites. It goes without saying that many a movie has been thrown out there with little to no effort behind it just to cash in on the popularity of the undead. However, Anger of the Dead had that little something extra that allowed it to rise above the mountain of garbage out there and for most of the movie, make it an interesting and somet0035c73c_mediumimes disturbing zombie film.

The film begins with a rather disturbing scene as we find out that yes, the world’s population has been taken over by a virus and turned them into zombies. It is here we meet a pregnant woman named Alice (Roberta Sparta) who is attempting to leave the chaos behind and find somewhere that is not overrun by a horde of zombies. This quest for peace sees Alice run into two men (Marius Bizau and Michael Segal) who are also looking for the same thing.

Speaking of disturbing, the movie switches gears and shows us a woman (Desiree Giorgetti) who is being held prisoner for some as of yet unknown reason by a rather sadistic group of individuals. The woman is beaten, raped and fed food that is disgusting to say the least. With a little help she escapes but is pursued by a man (Aaron Stielstra) who is a very, very ugly individual. Seriously, this guy is such an evil and despicable bastard in so many ways but at the same time, you can’t take your eyes off of him and some of the things that he does.

As the movie moves past the middle part and marches to the finish, there are some interesting decisions made by some characters, both interesting and incredibly stanger-of-the-dead-400x275upid, as is the case most times in movies such as this. However, if you overlook some strange plot holes the ending is not too bad at all.

Director Francesco Picone does a good job with the movie, which in fact is an extended/revamped version of a 2013 short film of the same name. Picone moves the story along with a good pace, only stumbling a few times with some poor dialogue and plot arcs. The zombies were also pretty well done and making them faster (I know, zombie purists will scream that zombies don’t move fast) made them actually seem threatening more often than not.

It was also nice to watch a zombie movie and actually give a crap about some of the human characters. Usually, smaller budget zombie movies are littered with characters making stupid decisions and spewing out really bad dialogue. While stupid decisions were indeed made in this movie, at least the characters were interesting enough for this viewer to actually invest time in caring what happened to them.

Overall, a pretty solid job by those involved in a genre that is full of misfires and pretenders. With a nice viewing time of eighty four minutes, Anger of the Dead is definitely worth a look.

Three and a half stars out of five


- Swift moving zombies had some real creepy moments

- Good characters that you actually care about

- Well paced with some interesting twists


- Some cheesy moments of dialogue that could have been removed

- Close ups on some zombies made them look less intimidating

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Bottom Line

While there nothing groundbreaking here, Anger of the Dead does give you a sense of fear and dread which combined with some interesting characters makes for a movie that is much better then the average film in the zombie genre.

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