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A Life Spent Snags for Agents of SHIELD

by on December 9, 2017
Plot Synopsis

Daisy decides she will rescue Simmons, even though she must risk everything to do so.


Episode 3 – A Life Spent

After a jaw-dropping premiere, Agents of SHIELD decided to scale back in scope and focus on solving mysteries, surviving their reality and attempting a rescue mission, all within less than an hour. While one mystery was solves and each agent sans Fitz have lived another day, Daisy’s attempted rescue mission didn’t run over as smoothly. In fact, it seems not only did she get caught by the creepy Kree Kasius, but, she was sold out by Deke. In this episode, we also learned the status of Inhumans. They are highly valued for their fighting skills, but, they are run through gladiatorial trials and sold like slaves. Jemma learns this the hard way after helping the young Abby harness her Inhuman powers and watching her nearly get mauled to death.

Now that we know about the Kree’s ploy with Inhumans, we know how much danger this spells out for Daisy, who was captured at the end of the episode after breaking in to Kasius’ digs. Not only that, but Deke had tattled to the Kree about Daisy being Quake, the Destroyer of Worlds.


As this all goes down, Coulson, Mack and Elena, who are laboring under Grill convince Tessa to bring them to a section of the remaining Earth after Coulson connects Virgil’s clues. May is circled in to pilot Virgil’s ship, and in the ultimate Easter egg, they find there is a radio frequency being emitted from the surface of the Earth on 616. The warbled sounds are quite reminiscent of our beloved Fitz’ voice, but it could be coincidence. Tessa tells the team that people are brought to the surface of the Earth to die, and we are given a glimpse of what she means right at the end.


A Life Spent had all the makings of a SHIELD episode. There were some great action sequences, the two standouts being Daisy’s elevator throwdown, Yo-Yo’s scroll grab and Mack knocking out Grill’s righthand man while out in space to find answers. Learning more about the world Jemma’s involved in as a servant of Kasius’ was also interesting, and the writers gave her some truly lovely lines when she was brought in to help Abby. It is reminiscent of past seasons where Fitz and Simmons would go off on poetic scientific tangents. Mack continued his streak with witty lines, especially the one about squirrels.


However, for all of the panache in this episode, the overall story took a lag. We’re enjoying the complicated society inside the Lighthouse, the Sinara side-eyes, and our skin crawls everytime Kasius appears on screen. Where the story is headed is still intriguing, but this episode falls in to the filler category. Radio transmissions coming from Earth may have had a better impact if they had been treated as such. There was also a lot of dialogue to sift through and in an action-based show, sometimes exposition bogs it down.

With the current standings and knowledge of how storylines develop in television shows, the Inhuman fight club should pick back up and set the show back on its tracks.


Take a peek at next week’s episode, A Life Earned.



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It's a must watch but only because you need to get to next week

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