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Late Night Double Feature is horror B-movie gold

by on January 30, 2015

It seems these days that many filmmakers in the horror industry want to try their hand at making a film with a horror/comedy combination. The festival circuit is filled with these and to be honest, not a lot of them succeed. Truth be told, it can be a tricky combination to pull off, balancing both horror and comedy just the right way to leave an audience satisfied.

Thankfully, Late Night Double Feature gets it right and horror fans, or fans of the horror/comedy combination, will be very happy.
As the viewer, you are basically treated to watching a late night cable show called ‘Dr. Nasty’s Cavalcade of Horror’ which is showing two movies, Dinner For Monsters and Slit, both of which you also get to see. The experience will feel quite familiar to all those who spent many a late night watching dark and disturbing horror films as most others slept soundly in their beds.

Let’s talk about the two movies first.

The first movie, Dinner for Monsters, has a struggling chef given a seemingly wonderful opportunity to cook for a dinner party outside of his regular restaurant setting. Of course, things are never that simple in movies, especially in the world of horror, and our unknowing chef soon discovers the mystery main course of meat is nothing heLNDF_DFM_still_1 ever would have imagined.

This is where things could have gone terribly wrong with ‘Monsters’ but instead, everyone involved embraced the insanity and revulsion of the moment and turned it into something wonderfully unsettling with a great undercurrent of humor to carry it along.

The second movie, ‘Slit’ comes across a little darker and more disturbing of the two. A man provides a simple service to clients to cut them. While taking immense pleasure in the deed itself its seems to be a match made in heaven, or maybe hell in this case but hey, to each their own, right?

However, eventually the time comes where a client is not really what the cutter was expecting and the whole demented business relationship is turned upside down and then some. There are some truly wonderful disturbing moments and images in Slit and came across as the perfect counter to what the viewer witnessed in ‘Monsters’.

The best thing aboSLIT_still5ut this whole viewing experience though, was watching the insanity and chaos that went on in the background of the ‘cable show’ itself. This is champion of cheap ass production cable shows, right down to the sex and drugs. All they needed was a little rock and roll and it would have been perfect,

The crazy ass ending the graced this movie was in my mind, not only a perfect ending but a great way to sum up the whole experience of ‘Late Night Double Feature’. Here we have a movie that knows what it is, a champion B-movies with all the blood, gore and humor that comes with it. There was no backing away from this fact and thankfully, everyone knew that played their parts perfectly.

Granted, there were moments where the movies started to go too far down the path of humor, threatening to ruin all their good work, but these were few and far in-between and the directors were able to pull back the reins just in time.

Horror films have a bad tendency to either lose their identiy during a film or never fully establish what they are about to begin with. ‘Late Night Double Feature’ has no such problem in that regard and goes off the rails with the notion that this is what they are supposed to do in the first place. This movie was like looking at the evil twin of 1971’s ‘The Hilarious House of Frightenstein’. A great film that captures the joy and gore of what campy B horror is truly all about.

Four out of five stars


- Great sense of humor that balances out well with the blood and gore

- The movie knows exactly what it's all about and never let's the viewer forget it

- For a B style horror movie it has some surprisingly creepy and disturbing scenes


- There are a few times where the humor goes a bit overboard and threatens to make the movie too campy

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Bottom Line

A full steam ahead B horror extravaganza, Late Night Double Feature is fast paced, gory and a lot of fun. This is what this part of the horror genre is all about.

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