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Into the Badlands Review: Wonderful World Building in ‘Carry Tiger to Mountain’

by on May 21, 2018


This season is already much better than season two, mostly due to the introduction of some great characters, religious overtones, and some serious world building. Into the Badlands survived through some shaky moments in the first two scenes by relying on the incredible action and fight sequences. This season there is time being taken to build something more but when it is time to fight, it still kicks ass all over the place.

Sunny and Bajie travel to see the witch/mystic, who not only puts a temporary hold on the darkness of the Gift that is taking hold of Henry but makes an interesting observation about Sunny himself. Suffice to say, when all is said and done, they are off to see the Pilgrim, who apparently has the answers Sunny seeks about ‘curing’ his son.

Speaking of Pilgrim, his cause is quickly gaining support and to this end, he approaches Baron Chau and ‘asks’ for one thousand troops to aid his mysterious project. Of course, rolling a few decapitated heads her way asking was a great way to grease the wheels. In return, Cressida sends Castor to help Chau steamroll over a refugee camp presided over by Tilda and Odessa. Lots of fighting ensues, which as usual is like watching well-organized chaos at its best.

Poor, poor Castor. He is manipulated by Cressida and in the end, things don’t go so well for him. His jealousy of M.K. and Nix’s new friendship blinds him to what is really going on. Speaking of M.K., his hatred of Sunny has not diminished but when Pilgrim discovers that Sunny is indeed headed to him, and of his importance, he forbids M.K. from doing him any harm. Yeah, this is going to turn out well.

Yeah, back to the weak link again, that being M.K. No one still has a clue what to do with him, bouncing him around different storylines with no real long-term purpose or goal. Ok, he wants to kill Sunny but are we really buying that Sunny killed his mother? Of course, we did find out about the part he played in creating those blind cannibal assassins so I guess anything is possible.

There also seems to be a storm brewing between Pilgrim and Cressida, which is not really surprising. There can be only one supreme ruler and I find it hard to believe either one of these characters are going to give that up without a fight.

There is a lot going on in this episode, a lot of narrative and moving parts, but that pretty much defines this season so far. Character and world building, combined with the always impressive action has made this season a joy to watch so far. It still feels like the pieces are being moved around so that in the end, the regular players in the Badlands will team together against Pilgrim. I’m sure it’s more complicated than that but if my theory does turn out to be true, it could be completely badass come the season finale.

Four out of five stars


- Great character and world building this week

- As usual, when there are fight scenes, they are top notch

- The Widow continues to make her case for the best character on the show


- M.K. Why can't anyone give this guy something meaningful to do?

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Bottom Line

Another solid episode, 'Carry Tiger to Mountian' spends a lot of time building the overall story of the show while keeping the quality of the action and fight scenes at an incredibly high level

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