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Into the Badlands Review: Sunny Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane in “Blind Cannibal Assassins”

by on May 14, 2018

With a title like “Blind Cannibal Assassins”, I was very excited about the possibilities of this episode. Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint, with some phenomenal action scenes, a face-off between Pilgrim and The Widow and yet another reminder of how being a clipper always comes back to haunt your ass.

Sunny and Bajie get captured by this mysterious cult, who has a disturbing and dark past tied to the former Clipper. They want Sunny’s son Henry and give the two men a choice: die then and there or have their eyes cut out and join the cult. Ok, so dying is out, fighting it is then. I have to hand it to the people behind Into the Badlands, though. There is a lot of thought and practice that goes into each fight, no matter how crazy and ridiculous it may seem, which in the ends makes it so much better than almost any show in terms of action currently on television.

To make things even more interesting, Nathaniel Moon finally catches up with Sunny but is also captured by those pesky Cannibal Assassins. This puts Moon, Sunny and Bajie all in the same room together, with Bajie providing some great lines in between Moon and Sunny glowering and talking trash to one another. I was not a big fan of how this played out between them during this episode and I hope that there will be more to the story than what we were given.

Meanwhile, The Widow goes on an information seeking mission as she has a meeting with Pilgrim. It seems his word is spreading fast and The Widow needs to size up Pilgrim, deciding on whether he is a friend or foe. Lydia, who has accompanied The Widow on this mission, finally gets some fight scenes of her own as she, The Widow and Pilgrim band together to fight off an assassination attempt organized by Baron Chau. Uneasy allies, for now, this is one alliance that will never last as both parties want to rule the Badlands and sharing is not really in their vocabulary. Can’t wait to see how this shakes out, as in who will make the first move to try and kill the competitor.

As is becoming the norm this year, the question that is left hanging out there is simply who can you trust? People change alliances more often than their own clothes this year and it’s impossible at the moment to figure out who will land on whose side. I am still of the opinion that everyone will end up banding together against Pilgrim…then turn on each other and I hope that happens because the fight scenes alone would be glorious.

What Into the Badlands is doing better this year than the last two is getting the audience interesting in the characters and actually picking sides. Sunny and his son Henry still remain the center of the story but as we found out with those cannibal assassin’s, there is still much we don’t know about Sunny, not to mention most of the cast on this show. This is proving to be fertile ground to grow some great storylines and with the fast pace and high-quality action, the season is only getting better as each week passes.

Four stars out of five


- 'Blind Cannibal Assassins'...that says it all

- Action continues to be top notch

- The Widow is quickly becoming the star of the show


- Is that really how the Moon/Sunny build up is going to end?

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Bottom Line

Another solid episode, "Blind Cannibal Assassins" continues the trend of great action, interesting characters and changing allegiances.

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