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Into the Badlands Review: Sunny Goes Soul-Searching in “Black Heart, White Mountain”

by on May 1, 2017

After fighting countless battles over the past season and a half, Sunny finally takes on his most important battle: The fight within himself. What he discovers about who he is will go a long way in determining if his quest to reunite his family will ever truly happen.

When we left off last week, Sunny had fallen to the ground in obvious distress. We soon discover that the one-two combo the monk delivered to his chest has in fact resulted in some sort of poison entering his body. Bajie and M.K., both once part of this order, if only briefly, plan a daring and dangero4832-into-the-badlands-s2e07-black-heart-white-mountain-promous raid on their old stomping grounds to try and find a cure for Sunny.

While this is going on, Sunny begins dreaming/hallucinating of another life, a life that he wants, but it’s threatened by someone or something he doesn’t know and understand, which may result in this ‘perfect life’ being destroyed. This is very well done, giving the viewer a peak behind-the- curtains so to speak, in regards to Sunny and his inner demons, haunted every day by those he killed during his time as a clipper. It makes him more human, more vulnerable and more enduring as a character.

Watching Bajie and M.K. fight for Sunny was a nice bonding moment but leave it to the writers to remind us yet again, and in a few different ways, that Bajie is a complicated man. This duality has also made his character much more interesting as has his ties to the monk and his relationship with the Master. I wonder if there is anyone out there that Bajie hasn’t managed to piss off is some way, shape or form?

Meanwhile, Jade sees her compound attacked bmaxresdefault (1)y the lethal duo of The Widow and Quinn, forcing a face-off between Quinn and his former lover. There were thankfully no bizarre, long-winded, strange accented speeches this time, only the cold-hearted Quinn the viewers have all come to love and/or hate. The way this little confrontation played out left me questioning just how long this little alliance with The Widow is going to last? (Ok, it’s bound to blow up sooner than later but still…)

One of the things Into the Badlands does so well is it gives all of its characters some quality screen time and make sure they’re part of this adventure has a purpose even if their true intentions have yet to be revealed. M.K. might be the lone holdout in this regard as there is still an explanation needed to what is going on with his dark gift. This week was no exception and while Sunny took center stage, M.K., Bajie, The Widow, Quinn and Jade all had important parts to play along the way.

It is almost becoming a broken record, saying week after week how solid this show is, but I’ll say it again. “Black Heart, White Mountain” gave us a deeper understanding of the pain and guilt that Sunny is dealing with and at the same time, gave us some solid fight scenes and more character development as well. The only negative about this episode is that is brought us one step closer to the end of the season.

Four stars out of five


- Great insight into the guilt Sunny carries around with him

- Nick Frost continues to be a great addition this year

- Quinn showed he can be just as menacing without those long-winded speeches


- Maybe too much time was spent on Sunny. This is the problem when you have too many interesting storylines and characters

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Bottom Line

- While the majority of the episode focused on Sunny, "Black Heart, White Mountain" was still solid in its delivery and storytelling, giving the viewer a deeper understanding of Sunny and allowing a few other characters some important moments, if only briefly.

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