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Into the Badlands Review: Fights, Friends and Fun Continue in “Red Sun, Silver Moon”

by on April 3, 2017

As the landscape for season two begins to unfold, it is clear that wars are brewing on many fronts. The decision to have characters leave the Badlands, while risky, is turning out to be a great move, allowing more character development amid numerous storylines. In “Red Sun, Silver Moon” there are characters looking for change but sometimes it is very hard, even impossible to escape not only your past but who are really are.

After successfully escaping the mines, Sunny finds out that Bajie is really not too surinto-the-badlands-203-pre-widow-beecham-800x600e how to get back to the Badlands either, only saying he knows someone who can help them. As the travel on they are ambushed by those eager to collect the bounty now on their heads. However, they are saved by a mysterious stranger with a very wicked and wonderful sword, who as it turns out is a famous clipper who has ‘retired’ here for reasons he explains later on. Against Bajie’s advice, they take his help and offer of shelter, a temporary reprieve from those who hunt them.

It is interesting to watch Sunny’s face as the fellow clipper lays it all out for him, including what Sunny should do and expect of himself. It comes as no surprise after a few of these conversations that things go downhill quickly. M.K. is also going through this same kind of mental ordeal, fighting against what people says he is and what he wants to become. In his case however, there is a power inside in him that he needs to come to peace with. The Master is beginning to lose hope that he can conquer this demon and as his storyline unfolds, M.K. is beginning to think that this is the wrong place for him to be.

Back in the Badlands, The Widowaxmhvtiyrd3e and Waldo are preparing for a meeting of all the Barons, called by Ryder for reasons yet unknown. No one Baron trusts another so this is an interesting moment for many and in that regard, Wald and The Widow have made a plan as to what their goal is and what to do if things go south. Waldo is becoming more and more important each week and Stephen Lang is doing a wonderful job in making him a very interesting and dangerous character.

By comparison, Quinn is becoming a bit of a cartoon character as his crazy man routine is beginning to get a little stale stuck in his new gang’s hideout. Still, he is charming in his insanity and the sooner they unleash him back into the world the better. His moments with Vale and the baby border on downright creepy, giving him that edge that his character needs while he is stuck in plot limbo.

In season one, we watched all the different Barons try to manipulate everything and everyone like chess pieces on a board. Now, spread out over great distances the same thing is happening but it feels much more real and even more dangerous. The writers have done a great job in that regard and again, Nick Frost is holding his own beside Daniel Wu and this has added another solid dimension to the show.

With more solid action and even better character and story development, “Red Sun, Silver Moon” was another great episode. Now, let Quinn off his ‘leash’ and we’ll really see things start to heat up.


Four stars out of five


- Great character development with some interesting twists

- Nick Frost is definitely holding his own so far this season

- Action and fight scenes continue to be very good


- The storyline involving M.K. needs to be a bit more interesting

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Bottom Line

Another solid episode this season, "Red Sun, Silver Moon" continues the great action while expanding the background on some characters. The decision to take some of the characters out of the Badlands continues to look like a great one

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