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Into the Badlands Review: Characters Continue to Improve in “Force of Eagle’s Claw”

by on March 27, 2017

While there are a lot of things going on in this episode, the main focus is the new bromance going on between Bajie and Sunny. Ok, maybe I wouldn’t go that far, more like comrades in arms. No, that’s not right either. Let’s just say these two have some issues to work out while trying to get to their individual destinations of choice. So after an extended fight sequence, made more interesting as Sunny and Bajie are chained together, and some blood and gore, the pair managed to escape. This leads them both to the uncomfortable realization that they need each other and so they head off in search of a way to get back to BAD_202_AP_0906_0344-RT_FULL-e1490536550391the Badlands.

Lydia begins to settle in as part of her father’s little religious community, seemingly at peace with herself and the surrounding world. However, this peace is disrupted by a pair of Nomads whose display of brutal violence causes Lydia to jump into action and leave her new peaceful persona behind. I guess a leopard really can’t change its spots and her father is not too happy with her. Lydia goes so far as to request help from her son Ryder but he’s not that interested. Besides, Ryder has his hands full with an upcoming meeting of all the Barons, a meeting that The Widow and Waldo are attending with plans of their own.

Meanwhile, M.K. continues his quest to control his inner darkness with help from The Master. This reminds me a lot of ‘The Force’ from the Star Wars saga, trying to control a power inside you that can go to either the light or dark side, depending on the person and the training. The Master is indeed very adept at showing M.K. how he is being controlled but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be able to recognize and rein this power in anytime soon.

Then we have Quinn, who was nInto-the-Badlands-Episode-2.02-Force-of-Eagles-Claw-720x480ever very sane to begin with but has now officially gone off the deep end. His little post-apocalyptic lair has proven to be a great place to hide away and regroup, build and train another army of loyal followers and really creep me out in terms of his attention towards Veil and her baby. Watching the ritual he performs regarding the child should be the final nail in the coffin for Veil in terms of reasons needed to find a way out. As it turns out, she is doing her part to rally against Quinn but will it be enough?

The writers behind Into the Badlands made a bold choice for season two by taking much of the story away from the Badlands itself. With Sunny, M.K., Veil and Quinn scattered everywhere it really could have hurt the overall story. However, the writing has been excellent and the addition of Nick Frost has proven to be a wonderful idea, at least so far. He is not just comic relief, adding something more to the mix that makes him a bit of an unknown quality going forward and that’s fine by me.

As always, the fights have been great but thankfully the powers that be have decided not to ram it down our throats, making each action scene that much more enjoyable. There is a lot of work that goes into these scenes, the training, filming, planning and you can see that in the quality of the action.

The first two episodes of this season have done a fantastic job of setting things up as we move forward, with some great action and writing as well. Let’s hope they continue this trend and never look back.

Four and a half stars out of five


- Separating characters over long distances is turning out to be a great move

- Bromance between Sunny and Baije is more than meets the eye

- Fights scenes continue to impress, as does the character building


- The show needs to find a way to have acting heavyweights Lance Henriksen and Stephen Lang together on screen

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Bottom Line

Building on the success of last week's premiere, "Force of Eagle's Call" was a terrific episode that saw some great character building. If the writing continues to match the action this show could turn out to be a monster in terms of quality and fans

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