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Into the Badlands Review: Battle Lines are Drawn in “Leopard Snares Rabbit”

by on May 7, 2018

After a nice episode of character building last week, we get right back to the action this week in “Leopard Snares Rabbit”. There are solid moments of revelations, both good and bad, that mixed in with some of the now usual wonderfully well done and over the top fight scenes, made for a solid and interesting episode.

Sunny needs to find a way across enemy lines to get help for his son Henry, but even undercover as one of The Widow’s Regents cannot help him. It seems a well-positioned and very skilled group of snipers have the only way across directly in their sights. An initial attempt to pass fails, causing one in the group, a young woman to be severely injured in the leg and with no medicine to help, likely to die.

This creates one of those moments of clarity for a character on the show, who after talking to the young woman suddenly realizes that not everything is about him. Nick Frost plays it wonderfully here as Bajie suddenly becomes more than just a collection of fear and selfishness, doing what he can to help the woman through the night. It does come with a price, however, and Bajie is quickly reminded that not everyone is willing to pay that price, even if it means living to breathe another day.

Meanwhile, Tilda and her band of thieves are warned something bad is coming but they are a little late in reacting as their camp is ambushed by Regent Moon and his crew. Tilda and Moon fight, for quite a bit actually, and although she is obviously overmatched she does escape, leaving Moon to take someone else as a hostage to find out where Tilda has most likely gone to hole up.

An interesting series of events leads Moon to discover just who warned Tilda in time and only a tangled but obviously serious romantic past saves the woman from death by his hand. This is just another great example of how so many people in this show claim to follow one banner but are also willing to play two sides or more to get what they want. Of course, in the Badlands, this is not the wisest choice but never underestimate a human beings instinct for survival and what they are willing to do to ensure they keep on breathing.

After a chat with Lydia under less than ideal conditions, Tilda decides to meet with her mother and see just what she wants. Of course, when we’re talking about The Widow, all she wants is complete and utter obedience, especially from her daughter. The Widow wants Tilda at her side again, but Tilda wants M.K. freed as well, something The Widow might not want to give up so easily. As it turns out, it’s a moot point as the Gift comes roaring back into M.K. and not a moment too soon, allowing everyone to walk out, free for now. However, I would never underestimate The Widow and damn if Emily Beecham doesn’t kill it, no pun intended, every time she’s on camera.

As we move into next week, maybe the writer’s will finally have decided what to do with M.K. but at this point, I’m not holding my breath. Still, this was a solid episode, even with the new religious angle taking a backseat this week.

Four stars out of five



- As per usual, the action is top notch

- Switching sides and changing allegiances makes for interesting characters

- Bajie has some great moments this week


- Is this the week the writers decide what to do with M.K.? We shall see.

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Bottom Line

Great action, self-serving characters, switching allegiances, all of this make 'Leopard Snares Rabbit' a great episode.

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