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Into the Badlands Review: Back to the Badlands in “Sting of the Scorpions Tail”

by on May 9, 2017

With the end of the season only two weeks away, it is that time where all of the story lines begin to come full circle, bringing friends and enemies together in the familiar setting of the Badlands. All signs point to a crazy showdown between Sunny, The Widow and Quinn with who knows what characters, those that are still alive, caught in the middle.

Even though we all know the alliance between The Widow and Quinn is not going to last, including them, theinto-the-badlandsy are at the moment a lethal combination, as shown by the deaths of more Barons at their hands. However, both Quinn and The Widow are far from the perfect leaders they think they are as cracks continue to show in each of them, both in terms of leadership and their personal lives.

For The Widow, her actions with Veil show she is beginning to justify doing almost anything as a worthy sacrifice for the greater good. Her daughter Tilda is not buying it and a rift is forming there that could have long reaching effects beyond just the mother and daughter dynamic. If The Widow comes out on top, in the end, it will curious to see who is left still willing to follow someone who will do almost anything for victory.

Meanwhile, Quinn is still dying and still crazy but more dangerous than ever, especially teamed up with The Widow. His plans for Veil (man, this woman just never seems to get a break) are cruel in many different ways and one wonders when someone is going to exact their revenge on Quinn. There is a long list of people who’d like nothing better than to end his life and I have a feeling that if that happens it’s going to be very messy.

Sunny, Bajie and M.K. finally seemScreen Shot 2017-05-01 at 3.16.48 PM []ed ready to enter the Badlands when once again, their great plans were interrupted by another. This allowed Sunny to use his past as a clipper to his advantage and make a deal with Baron Chau concerning Quinn and The Widow. However, as is the case on this show, things are rarely as they seem and this gives us a great opportunity to watch now only a wonder fight sequence but The Widow and Sunny suddenly thrust into a situation where they’re fighting on the same team.

The whole ‘is Sunny a traitor?” angle was a great idea which allowed a few plot arcs to stretch their legs out, so to speak. M.K. and Bajie were left wondering of Sunny had sold them out and then in the end, that left them with choices to make on how they wanted to proceed. Also, The Widow has all of these great plans, some of which include Sunny and M.K., but I don’t think things are going to go the way she has them planned out in her head.

I really enjoyed how this episode gave a lot of characters some defining moments, moments to make a choice and choose a path. This is definitely not going to turn out well for some of them and I don’t expect this cast to be intact, or alive, come the end of the season.

Four out of five stars


- Great fight scenes, and The Widow and Sunny fighting together? Fantastic

- Lots of moments where characters make big choices

- Quinn talks less and is even more disturbing


- Still not sure what M.K. brings to the table in terms of story

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Bottom Line

A fun, exciting and important episode, "Sting of the Scorpions Tail" gave a few character some important moments to make a choice and the repercussions will definitely be felt by seasons end.

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