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Into the Badlands Review: Action and More Action in “Dragonfly’s Last Dance”

by on June 11, 2018

Season three has given fans a new and wonderful part of the mythology, that being the religious aspect surrounding Pilgrim and Cressida. However, even though there has been great plot twists and character development, it is good to remind people once and a while just how good the action is on this show. This week was one of those times.

The Widow finds herself in deep trouble this week when some of her soldiers finally decide that they’ve had enough of being sacrificed at the front lines and revolt. The Widow, along with Gaius Chow, find themselves at the mercy of those they are supposed to be leading, imprisoned and forced to make a choice. It was interesting to see some moments of doubt creep into The Widow’s head, as she wondered out loud if she was doing more harm than good.

Meanwhile, Sunny’s search for the truth about his past continues, as the River King leads him to another survivor from the fateful night when he was found as a young boy. It seems that not only was there a group called Black Lotus intent on finding him but Sunny has a sister as well. No one knows what became of her, whether she is alive or dead, but it becomes clear the Black Lotus group is still intent on finding Sunny.

Pilgrim and friends say goodbye to Castor but Pix has questions on how he actually died after finding bruises on his neck. I’m pretty sure this is where things begin to go wrong with Pilgrim, with the seeds of distrust being planted to eventually spread. Not only that, Cressida has another vision of the coming of Sunny and with the images and all the blood she sees, this is going to get really ugly for Pilgrim.

With all that going on, there were two great fight scenes this week that literally overshadowed everything else simply because of how incredible they were. The first was Sunny fighting the men from Black Lotus, using a step ladder in ways I never thought possible. The other involved The Widow, Gaius Chow and those rising up against them, which was then joined by Tilda, Nathaniel Moon, and friends. It is one thing to execute a great fight scene, but quite another to continually up the ante and stage fights in such a way that they are almost like ballet. The lighting, staging, and execution were nothing short of excellent and made a good episode great.

As the season continues to march towards the inevitable showdown between all parties involved, it is good to see that the character and mythology building continues. All action would eventually get boring and the addition of Pilgrim, Cressida and a full-time Nathaniel Moon have added some extra layers to the show and help take it to another level.

My only complaint still lies with M.K. and how he seems to be a character no one knows what to do with. Hopefully, now he will have more to do and I look forward to his eventual face off with Sunny.

Four stars out of five


- Action scenes were some of the best this season

- The building of storylines is progressing nicely

- The Widow continues to be a great character


- Oh, M.K. Will the writers ever figure out what to do with you?

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Bottom Line

Great storylines, mythology and world building and phenomenal action made 'Dragonfly's Last Dance' one of the best episodes this season

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