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Heroes Reborn Review: Time Travel Makes a Comeback in “June 13th”

by on November 6, 2015

Since last week’s episode was left very open ended, I decided to wait until this week to review both Part 1 and 2 of ‘June 13th’ together. As it turns out this was literally the worst idea because these two episodes have been more complex than the rest of the season which, to be fair, I should have expected the moment Hiro’s time travelling came back into the picture.

So much happened in those two hours of television that I can’t possibly do a recap, but it was complex in the best way. Every question we’ve had so far in the season was answered, and every answer was an interesting one. We finally reunited with Mohinder Suresh, Angela Petrelli, and Matt Parkman. We saw how Luke and Joanne lost their son, how Miko came to be and what happened to Quentin’s sister Phoebe. Most importantly of course, we finally understood the connection between Malina and Tommy – sorry, Nathan – and how exactly Claire managed to die despite her powers.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1I’ll be honest, I was incredibly worried about how they were going to explain Claire’s death. She was a key component of Heroes who basically set everything in motion for this spinoff, and even though Hayden Panettiere did not return there was effectively no way the writers could just not acknowledge her. So they had to kill her off, but how do you kill someone when you spend 4 seasons of a show telling everyone she physically cannot die? When the childbirth idea was presented I thought “well that’s stupid, childbirth is the thing that killed the invincible woman?” But when we learn of Nathan’s powers it was finally believable. Considering two other Petrelli men have powers involving ability absorption or mimicry, it doesn’t feel like a cop out to have Nathan be that way too.

The whole hiding the babies in the past thing was really neat, although it saddens me that Hiro didn’t make a single Star Wars reference since the entire situation was very ‘Luke and Leia’. It’s really upsetting that Hiro’s powers are gone now, but I found him raising Nathan as his son to be oddly heartwarming. I wasn’t too thrilled at the convenience of Hiro choosing Nathan’s mother after she’s the first person he sees take care of the baby in the hospital, mainly because the idea repeats itself with Noah meeting his new wife as the first person he sees after the explosion/memory wipe.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1Other than that, I felt the rest of the events were pretty solid. Every decision Future Noah made makes sense to me, and Angela and Past Noah’s reactions of “you shouldn’t have come back, you could ruin everything” were a nice reminder of the importance and dangers of time travel in the Heroes universe. While Future Noah tries his best not to step on butterflies, his emotions get the better of him and lead him to shoot Erica. Perhaps that action wouldn’t have been so bad if his past self hadn’t intervened, but instead is led to Erica learning about the babies and Quentin taking different measures to find his sister. By the way, that twist at the end? Well played, and a total surprise. Since Quentin was able to find Phoebe thanks to saving Erica after she was shot, he had the chance to talk to her and is on Renautas’ side in this future, while all Noah sees is that his friend is alive and well.

Angela’s involvement was neat, and it was adorable seeing her all old and grey after reliving those 16 years raising Malina. I loved that Nathan got to meet his family and understood his destiny having been raised by Hiro, and was completely prepared to save the world one day. But after Harris attacks, his mother is forced to use Casper to erase most of his memories, which explains why Nathan/Tommy has no understanding of his destiny now. And while I originally thought the texts Tommy was receiving were from Micah, all of these events suggest  they could be from any number of people, including Hiro if he’s still alive. (Speaking of which, where is Micah? We have yet to see him.)

Heroes Reborn - Season 1The other characters were touched on only briefly since the episodes were more focused on the larger “save the world” issue. I loved getting to see the dynamic between Luke and Joanne and their son though, and the fact that Dennis has a skin disease relating to sun when his father has an EVO power that essentially harnesses sunlight was a nice touch. Unfortunately that storyline didn’t give me any more sympathy towards Joanne, if it was supposed to. She crazy. Miko being created from the Katana Girl character was pretty cool, and her connection to her father was a nice quiet moment to break through all the other insanity going on. We also discovered that Carlos and Farah were in the army together, and it was her actions that led to Carlos getting a medal he didn’t deserve. This connection could have felt forced but ended up feeling surprisingly legitimate. I didn’t question why Carlos and Farah knew each other, it seemed like a logical choice.

Overall, these two episodes were an excellent step in the right direction for Heroes Reborn. Sure there was some corny writing (lots of talk about “the prophecy” and “it’s your destiny my son”), but watching everything unfold was riveting and my attention never wavered. I had hoped this show was going to take a turn for the better and so far it’s looking good.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1


- plenty of questions were finally answered
- several original characters returned
- intriguing twists and surprises


- a lot happening in these 2 episodes that were, at times, very hard to keep up with
- a few corny lines

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Bottom Line

The time travel element pulled the show back to its "Heroes" roots and really showed off what "Heroes Reborn" has to offer in terms of storyline.

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