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Gotham Season 2 Finale Review: The Gang’s All Here in “Transference”

by on May 24, 2016

I have to hand it to Gotham. They certainly touched all the bases in terms of getting everyone involved in the finale. It didn’t matter if they played a big or small part in the episode, for the most part each character’s contribution was important to some degree and it made for a much richer viewing experience. That being said, it looks as if the showrunners are positioninggotham_scn26_JN1325_hires1_FULL Fish Mooney to be an important part of next season, which leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth as I wait for season three to roll around.

There were just so many fun and interesting things in this episode. How about a battle between Mr. Freeze and Firefly, or Nygma taking yet another wonderful step forward into full Riddler mode? Penguin at his off the rails best with his interesting interior decoration ideas, Lucius Fox and Bruce, Lucius and Gordon, and of course, finally, the Court of Owls is out in the open. That’s a lot going on but they managed to maneuver through it all pretty well while at the same time making it fun and not a confusing mess.

This episode could have been a fantastic way to end the season except for that annoying pain in the ass that is Fish Mooney. I’m not sure why the writers think she is so interesting. She was irritating back in season one but at least then Gotham was still cartoonish in a way and still trying to find its true identity. Now, the cartoon aspect of the show has disappeared and her antics and the horrible over-acting are even more out of place than usual. It feels like they are positioning her for a big part of next season which makes both sad and angry.

Gordon finallygotham-transference was fun, maybe because he wasn’t just Gordon for a while, but was also interesting when it time to deal with the bomb at Arkham that Hugo Strange had been ordered to detonate. Maybe he is turning over a new leaf, especially with his decision at the end of the episode, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

The Court of Owls, or ‘secret court’ is now no longer a secret and I’m glad. It is time they came out of the shadows, so to speak, and became a new target for Bruce and company. There is a lot of potential here so I am really hoping the writers hunker down and do a good job with this story line.

It wasn’t hard to figure out that the busload of Dr. Strange’s creations was going to have some sort of accident, thus releasing them onto the streets of Gotham. The fuzzy lens conveniently hid some of the identities of this group but there were a few that could be made out, especially the one very clear shot of the individual we were left looking at to end the episode. Again, this was a great part of the episode but Mooney once again tried her best to make it all about her.

One thing is for sure, those involved with the show seem to have a much clearer vision of where the show is going. The characters have grown and Gotham is now a dark, evil place where monsters do indeed dwell. Let’s hope they stay on this course and maybe, just maybe, they will kill Fish Mooney in the first episode of season three. Hey, one can hope, right?

Four out of five stars


- So many great story lines in this episode

- The Arkham basement creations have come out to play

- The Court of Owls are now ready to be a big part of season three


- Fish Mooney

-Did I mention Fish Mooney?

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Bottom Line

A fun, involving and jam packed finale, "Transference" was a great way to end season two. Now, if only Fish Mooney would disappear things would be grand.

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