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Gotham Review: Things Get Trippy in “Red Queen”

by on November 1, 2016

Although I’m not a big fan of little sub plots that take characters down memory lane ( thank you Arrow for ruining that for me ) watching Jim Gordon take an elevator to memory hell, guided by Barbara was fun, at least for a while. The rest of the episode made some predictable moves plot wise and in the end I felt rather cheated, seeing as some interesting story lines either came to an end or will soon be over.gotham-episode-3-07-red-queen-gotham-39978012-500-333

Mad Hatter is of course, the one who sends Gordon on this little ‘trip’ and while it was fun for the most part, the end of it served notice that the inevatible was about to play out: Gordon was going to come back to the GCPD. This not only weakens the force in my estimation, although Captain Barnes is slowly going crazy town thanks to Alice’s blood, but it also ends his term as a bounty hunter. I wonder if self-righteous, horrible cop Gordon will return, or did he learn anything while he was away? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

The wonderful bromance between Riddler and Penguin came to a screeching halt as well, thanks to the creepy Isabella. Penguin wants her dead of course but I’m thinking this isn’t going to last anyways, thanks to Nygma’s being interested in only one thing, that being himself and his crazy ass goals. Still, it could turn out to be a wonderful mess and I am kind of interested in seeing what Gotham would look like with Riddler and Penguin as enemies.

It was also nice to see the Court of Owls make another appearance, this time to size up Penguin and how useful he will be to them. The end of the episode with the Court of Owls and how it might tie in with Gordon was interesting but I’m hoping it’s not a lazy writing, sort of cop out plot arc.GOTHAM: L-R: Cory Michael Smith and Robin Lord Taylor in the “Mad City: Red Queen” episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Oct. 31 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Nicole Rivelli/FOX.

Then there was the ‘dinner’ between Bruce and Selina. While I like both of these characters, Bruce especially has gotten better as the seasons have progressed, this was a pretty boring part of the episode. Yes, I understand the importance but it seemed so forced and phony that I could have done without it. Period.

The only good thing about what’s left of the love triangle between Vale, Gordon and Lee is that Lee’s future father in law is a great character just waiting in the wings to make his presence felt again in Gotham. I don’t know what this will mean for any of these characters but busting up this triangle for good and throwing a curve ball at the criminal elements in Gotham will be a lot of fun when it finally does happen.

I guess you can file this episode under plot building, even with some story lines seemingly taking a step backwards, which leads me to conclude, yet again, that I really have no clue on where they are taking this season.




Three out of five stars


- Gordon's psychedelic trip was rather fun

- Riddler and Penguin still chew up the screen when their together


- Bruce and Selina moments dumb and boring

- Can we kiss the love triangle storyline goodbye?

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Bottom Line

While there was some fun moments, "Red Queen" took more steps back than forward although maybe the writers have their end game all lined up already so this is just part of the, I didn't think so.

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