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Gotham Review: Things Get Crazy in “Pinewood”

by on April 19, 2016

Even though the writer’s tried to make a big part of this episode about Barbara Gordon, it was really about the team of Lucius, Bruce, Alfred and Jim hunting down the people behind the Wayne Murders. This led to the discovery of one of the quaint titled ‘black projects’ that Wayne Enterprises was involved in called Pinewood, which of course has Hugo Strange and his crazy ass experiments right in the middle of it all.

The episode picks up right where it left off last week, with Barbara surprising Gordon with a house call. Needlesspinewood-gotham-fox to say, that didn’t go so well for Barbara but I’ll say this for her, she is a determined woman. She then proceeds to actually help Jim in his hunt for those involved in the death of the Wayne’s but still, no love for Barbara. Of course, as most things seem to do, this will come back to bite Gordon hard sometime in the future.

Bruce and Alfred track down someone who had a connection to both Thomas Wayne and Pinewood itself but she is not at all what they expect. The bumbling trio get themselves arrested but with the help of Gordon, they bust her out on route to prison. It’s a shame that Hugo Strange, who had an interest in the woman, decides to intercede with the help from someone Gordon never expected.

It was interesting to see Barbara back and to her credit, I am not sure how much of her is sane and how much is just faking as she is still a few sandwiches short of a picnic. While it is obvious she still has some feelings/allegiance to Gordon, in the end she turned to someone who will no doubt bring out the worst in her and thus, make Gordon’s life even more difficult. Part of me enjoys that scenario as Jim has seemingly abandoned his morals and now must pay the penalty for that. However, maybe going over to the dark side for a while will help him in the chaos that is to come. I just don’t know how he will find his way back after crossing that line and staying there for an extended period of time.

Hugo Strange is also going to be at the center of the chaogotham-strange-video-pinewoods as the season winds to a close. Releasing one of his ‘inmates’ was fun to watch but the re-animation or birth of an old character into something new at the end of the episode was a clear clue that Strange is going to be releasing even more of his experiments/creations onto the streets of Gotham. I’m not quite sure yet what his ultimate goal is but it is sure going to be fun to watch what’s going to happen.

I’m also not sure that Gordon is the best role model for Bruce these days, as both of these characters have obvious anger issues, not to mention being stubborn and driven to find answers no matter the cost. This would be one of the reasons they are drawn to each other and for better or worse, will have them connected at the hip for a long time.

Gotham is indeed setting the stage for some real action packed craziness to be unleashed over the next few weeks. Let’s hope they keep it dark and don’t go back to the silly cartoon version they toyed with in season one and it should be a hell of a ride to the end of the season.


Four out of five stars


- Don't know who is crazier, Barbara or Hugo Strange, but it makes for great TV

- Love the rage competition between Bruce and Jim

- Still a dark show, which is working very well


- Some weird moments, like a certain character without a helmet on and Barbara's changing hair styles.

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Bottom Line

Another solid episode, "Pinewood" gave us a glimpse into the dark and seedy underbelly of Wayne Enterprises and all the fun and wickedness that is waiting to be unleashed. There is potential for an amazing ending to this season and Gotham is dark enough these days that it might full fill that promise.

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