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Gotham Review: Interesting Storylines Come Together In “Time Bomb”

by on November 22, 2016

While this week’s episode still embraced its usual chaos and bloody ways, it was refreshing to see some interesting and well thought out storylines weave their way through the violence. Tying up or tying together plot threads is not usually Gotham’s strong suit but in ‘Time Bomb’ we were able to enjoy that and much more. I really don’t know why people don’t just up and leave Gotham behind as nothing good ever seems to happen in this city…to anyone.

Working under the assumption that Butch was responsible for Isabella’s death, Nygma kidnaps both Butch gotham-season-3-episode-10-photos-mad-city-time-bomb-10and Tabitha and lets out his inner Riddler again for everyone to enjoy. As much as I enjoy the slow burn of watching Nygma slowly morph into the wonderful psychotic villain he is meant to be, I think with the revelation of what really happened will get Nygma there sooner than later. The whole kidnap/torture scene was great, as was the moments between Tabitha and Butch that led to something disgusting and cute all at the same time.

An uneasy alliance is made between Bruce Wayne and The Whisper Gang when during a ‘meeting’ in which they had to save Ivy, again, they discover they have a common enemy: The Court of Owls. With the special key, they believe they have a chance to do some real damage to the Court and it all sounds quite reasonable, in a Gotham sort of way, but the plans soon go to hell when the Court’s own assassin Talon comes a calling and bodies start dropping.

When a car bomb almost takes the life of Carmine Falcone, Bruce comes in to investigate and soon discovers that it is his son Mario who is the target. However, because of the bomb and then another attempt on his life, Bruce correctly deduces there is something else going on here. Professional hit teams don’t go after just anyone and by the end of the episode, we discover that Mario is indeed hiding something, but just what it is still remains a mystery.

The revelation that Carmine is in bed witgotham-time-bomb-reviewh The Court of Owls was not that surprising, but the fact that he answers to them was. He did make it clear however, that if anything were to happen to his son they would soon have a war on their hands and Gotham would burn. I love the character of Carmine, so many different layers to explore and I hope this is the beginning of him being more active in the show.

Of course, we can’t have an episode of Gotham these days without some sort of love life issue, although the Penguin and Riddler are cute, this time with Gordon and Lee going all mushy lovey dovey again. Not exactly a great reunion but one that caught the attention of someone who really doesn’t like Gordon, especially when he is sniffing around Lee. Hey, even crazy Barbara got involved without going all love sick about Gordon. Actually, she was a lot of fun as well, doing detective work that would make almost every cop at the GCPD weep with jealousy.

This was almost a perfectly executed episode, great storylines with a nice mix of violence and blood that made this everything that Gotham had always hoped it could be. I would love to say this will be the norm from now on but there is no way I could without giggling. Gotham is erratic at best, just like the city itself so we’ll just have to see. In the meantime, I think I’ll go watch this episode again so I can make the good feelings last, if only for a while.



Four and a half stars out of five


- Riddler, Butch and Tabitha was a great plot arc

- Carmine Falcone needs to get even more camera time

- The Court of Owls showed how powerful they really are


- More bedroom eyes between Jim and Lee....yawn

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Bottom Line

Definitely the best episode of the season, 'Time Bomb' was full of great acting, wonderfully written story lines and just the right amount of blood and violence. Now can we have this every week?

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