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Gotham Review: Embrace the Absurd or Run for the Hills in ‘The Blade’s Path’

by on October 21, 2017

I’ve been covering Gotham since it first aired and I have to say, I’ve never seen an episode quite like this. Completely absurd, insane, ridiculous, with silly plot arcs and cartoon-like violence, this was Gotham written and executed by crazy people. However, because this is Gotham, where people never seem to die and outlandish behavior and scenarios are the norm, they almost got away with it. Almost.

Not only was the episode put together by someone resembling a chickGotham4x05en with its head cut off, but there was so much going on, it was crazy. Maybe that was the idea, try and confuse and throw off the viewers with different storylines so they didn’t notice how completely bonkers ‘The Blade’s Path’ really was. In any event, it wasn’t boring and that was probably the only thing that saved it from being a complete disaster.

Alexander Siddig is still having a blast as Ra’s al Ghul but unfortunately, Bruce is not really enjoying his company. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Baby Bats heads to end the life of the imprisoned Ra’s before he weasels his way away to safety. Knife in hand, he confronts Ra’s al Ghul and the tables are quickly turned, giving Bruce the choice again to do what needs to be done. Needless to say, what happens will have consequences for many, especially Barbara who has something that I’m sure will soon make itself known.

On the weird and uncomfortable side of things, Sophia and Penguin go round and round again, with things ending just like we all thought it would, that being Sophia giving Penguin a foot massage while singing to him. Sorry, I had to actually write that so I could have the words match the images that are stuck in my head. Again, it’s so ridiculous it almost seems normal.

One of the worst-kept secrets in this series history made his appearance this Solomon-Grundy-2-600x450week, that being Solomon Grundy, who is, in fact, a reborn Butch, waking up from a nice nap in a radioactive swamp. Looking more like the singer Meat Loaf at ninety years old, Grundy grunts and rumbles his way to Gotham, where he meets up with a very surprised Riddler who is trying to recover from yet another botched scheme.

The best part was how these two somehow are a believable pair together, at least for now, and the possibilities of what chaos and humor they can let loose are almost endless. Hey, and how about who they run into at the end of the episode? What a perfect way to wrap up this whirlwind of insanity!

Oh, and along the way, Alfred gives another great speech, he and Gordon shoot a lot of people and yeah, ok, you get the picture. It is important to remember that all of this happened in one episode, something that I’m sure will never be duplicated. (Well, I guess Gotham could do it again but this was just such a masterpiece of a mess, why bother?)

Gotham has never been a show that is overly concerned about plot arcs, story  lines and things that generally make sense. It is at its best when it is dark and crazy. In ‘The Blade’s Path’, we got to see a whole other side to the term ‘a complete mess’ but damn if it wasn’t an entertaining mess.

Three stars out of five


- Riddler and Grundy might work for a while

- High energy and entertaining episode


- Episode was all over the place, from start to finish

- Some storylines were so crazy and unbelievable they almost worked. Almost.

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Bottom Line

One of the most bizarre and ridiculous episodes ever seen on Gotham, 'The Blade's Path' was such that you either embraced the lunacy or just turned the channel

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