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Gotham Review: Bruce Wayne is growing up in “The Son of Gotham”

by on November 24, 2015

Violent, funny, with many plot threads that actually went somewhere, ‘Son of Gotham’ was Gotham at its best. While there were many great moments, none surpassed the Bruce Wayne arc, as the viewer was able to see him grow up right before their eyes. Seeing the darkness come out and finally assert itself made for some great moments, not to mention what’s in store moving forward.

The robed boys from the Order of St. Dumas arrived in Gotham last week and are wasting no time in making their presence felt, quickly racking up a body count that for some reason has gone unnoticed or ignored until now. Gordon, in a rare state of thinking straight, begins to put the pieces together and realizes that something is not right. This turns out to be true as Galavan is set free, putting events in motion that see Gordon nabbed and taken away.Gotham-ep210-scn21-3398-hires1-4ddf6

Meanwhile, the two new roomies, Penguin and Riddler, are already having problems as Nygma is quickly beginning to lose any control that he had on his very fragile sanity. Penguin, work, his new crime life, they are all too much for Nygma to deal with and it is just a matter of time before he completely loses it. While that might not be good for anyone else around him, it has been a wonderful slow burn up until this point and I look forward to that chaos when it does in fact arrive.

Without a doubt though, the story line involving Bruce Wayne, Silver St. Cloud and Selena was the most fun and extremely well done. Bruce and Silver are taken, tied up and forced to spill what they know about Galavan’s knowledge of who killed Bruce’s parents. What happens next is like watching the Bat suit slowly being fitted for young Bruce as he proceeds to take matters into his own hands in a very cold and calculating way. This Bruce Wayne is very interesting and Alfred would be very proud of how the young man handled this particular situation.

Speaking of the butler in question, AlfrGwfQKs5ed goes looking for Bruce but instead finds Galavan’s sister, Tabitha. The two quickly go head to head in a fast but wonderful fight that ends up what you could call a draw, even though Alfred is now wounded. Again.

The whole episode moves at a frantic but controlled pace, going back and forth from many storylines but at the same time, not tying things up in neat little packages. In fact, the end of the episode leaves the viewer with more questions than answers and I mean that in a good way. Besides seeing Bruce put on his big boy pants it was great to see Nygma and Galavan both begin the crack and fully embrace who they are. Everyone already knows Galavan is a scumbag but Nygma has yet to join the party.

With only one episode left until the season two ‘fall finale’, it still remains to be seen where some of these story lines are going to go. This was indeed a great episode but with Gotham’s inconsistent track record I’ll wait a bit before I get too excited.

Four and a half stars out of five


- Great to watch Bruce Wayne unleash his dark side

- Penguin and Riddler are the best roommates. Ever.

- Jim Gordon, still a loose cannon, makes some good decisions for once


- The robed monks look pretty damn silly

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Bottom Line

An excellent episode that saw a lot of plot points addressed and done in a way that was interesting and fun. As the first half of season two winds down, 'The Son of Gotham' set the bar pretty high for the remaining episodes. Let's hope they are up to the challenge.

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