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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life “Summer” – Review

by on November 27, 2016

1 hour, 30 minutes


This post WILL have spoilers! You have been warned.

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This episode was a weird one, so let’s jump in.

We left off with Rory moving back to Stars Hollow, well okay, she’s not “back” but it sure does look like it. Even though she’s “not back” she decides to take over the Stars Hollow Gazette when she learns the previous editor retired and the paper was shutting down. The one-liners that we got from Gazette employees, Esther and Charlie, were fantastic. I would watch them all day if I could!

The musical. I don’t even know where to start with Stars Hollow: The Musical. Sure, it was hilarious and it was a classic Taylor disaster, but did we really need to sit there watching it and Lorelai’s disapproving face for 10 minutes? I get that it was a whole metaphor for how weird and zany the town of Stars Hollow is and that Lorelai isn’t really charmed by it anymore but I still thought that it was completely unnecessary for them to play out the whole thing. However, the only good thing that came from it was when Lorelai listened to the character Violet sing about being unbreakable. Lorelai is in the midst of having a breakdown herself so hearing that song made her realize she needed to do something. So what does she want to do? Wild (the book not the movie).

Photo: Netflix

Photo: Netflix

Rory and Logan’s relationship is still on the rocks but when Rory learns that Logan’s fiancée is moved in with Logan, Rory knows that whatever she and Logan had, is over. That doesn’t stop her from calling him by impulse though. Oy with the Logan already!

Okay, enough about Logan, let’s talk about Jess. Jess is finally back in Stars Hollow to visit Luke but before he did that he gave Rory a fresh idea: to write a book about the relationship between her and her mom. Jess has developed the most out of all the characters in the show. When he first showed up he was a huge punk but towards the end of the series he started to get his life together (making zines, an independent publishing company). His relationship with Luke has grown as well; in fact, in the revival the most damage he’s done to Luke was throwing his baseball hat across the street. Who knows if Jess and Rory will become a thing again in the next episode, but one can only hope.

Photo: Netflix

Rory thinks over the book idea and decides to do it. It’s what she was meant to do. But when Rory tells Lorelai her idea, she’s not so thrilled about it. They end up getting into a fight at Richard’s gravesite. But of course Lorelai would be mad because her mistakes would be out for everyone to read, specifically for Emily to read. She doesn’t need to give her mom more ammunition against her.

Photo: Netflix

Photo: Netflix

Speaking of fights, Lorelai and Luke get into it at Luke’s Diner, fighting over the things they aren’t telling each other about. Does Luke seriously think Lorelai is having an affair instead of going to therapy? Lorelai tells Luke she wants to take on the Pacific Crest Trail, and he is utterly confused by the notion. But maybe it’s exactly what she needs right now. Does she realize how hard it is to make coffee in the wilderness? Will she survive?

Find out in the next review for “Fall”!


Jess being cute with Luke.
Rory takes over the Stars Hollow Gazette.
Rory wants to write a book about her and Lorelai's relationship!


The musical was hilarious but unnecessary.
There really hasn't been much mention of coffee, lots of scotch though!

Everyone is fighting, stop fighting!

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Bottom Line

Things get tense with Luke and Lorelai. Jess finally comes to town and helps Rory come up with the idea for her to write a book. Lorelai wants to do Wild, the book not the movie.

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