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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life “Spring” – Review

by on November 26, 2016

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This post WILL have spoilers! You have been warned.

If you haven’t seen my previous review for the Gilmore Girls revival, go check it out now! If you have, let’s get started reviewing the second episode, “Spring.”

I’m just going to jump into this, WE FINALLY SEE MR. KIM! Throughout the whole series Lane’s dad gets mentioned once or twice but we never see him. Until now! It was a very brief moment but it probably satisfied a lot of curious viewers.

We also get a quick second of Jackson too, but Sookie is still no where to be found. Instead of Sookie in the Dragonfly’s kitchen we get Rachael Ray, because why not? I’m sorry Rachael, that must have been the most awkward scene in the revival yet. I know she’s not usually an actor but it was still pretty cringy. Also, how can Lorelai afford to pay these celebrity chefs but not afford to keep on Michel? That’s the big question!

Let’s talk about Logan. He’s still the charming, handsome rich boy that he was ten years ago and let’s not forget to mention he’s also cheating on his fiancée with Rory. Once again Rory is in a relationship with someone who is unavailable and it’s so painful to watch. Oh, and she still hasn’t broken up with Pete.

I didn’t quite understand how Lorelai was so… “okay” with Rory seeing an almost married Logan. Rory had sex with a married Dean and we all know how that ended up. So why is Lorelai not upset with Rory and Logan? Is it because he’s not officially married yet?

Photo: Netflix

Photo: Netflix

Speaking of boys, Tristan was at the Chilton alumni event! Or was he? Well, it was Tristan alright but it wasn’t Chad Michael Murray. No wonder why we only got a quick glimpse of him before we followed Paris and Rory into the bathroom. I did however love Paris’ freak out. Liza Weil, the actress who plays Paris, did an amazing job of doing the classic Paris freak out once again. This time in heels!

Photo: Netflix

Emily and Lorelai start taking therapy together, or rather Emily forces Lorelai to take therapy with her. These scenes had their funny moments but it boiled down to Emily criticizing Lorelai and Luke’s relationship. She even called them “booty buddies.” Emily says because they aren’t married it isn’t a real relationship and that they’ve just been roommates for nine years. Lorelai can’t relate at all to Emily because she’s never been married, etc. etc. I’m starting to get nervous about Luke and Lorelai’s relationship. They checked out surrogate mothers to possibly have a child, which lead to some disagreement and they’re keeping things from each other. It’s what they would do ten years ago and I’m hoping it doesn’t result in them breaking up.

Photo: Netflix

Photo: Netflix

Rory has no job, she tried and failed and now she’s moving back to Stars Hollow. For how long? Who knows, but maybe there’s something there for her. Guess we’ll have to find out in the next episode!

Stay tuned for the review for “Summer!”


Mr. Kim finally shows up.
Paris' freak out in the Chilton bathroom leading her to slam her high heel up onto the bathroom door.
Emily refers to Luke and Lorelai as "booty buddies."


Rachael Ray cooks in the Dragonfly Inn and is very awkward.
Rory talked about how bad she is at composing music at Chilton. Why music?.

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Bottom Line

Another good episode. Rory and Logan's "relationship" is becoming more and more rocky. Can we just get to Dean and Jess already?

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