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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life “Fall” – Review

by on November 28, 2016

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This post WILL have spoilers! You have been warned.

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Lorelai survived the (somewhat) wilderness and never got that cup of coffee, but she did get what she went out there for. When she was telling Emily the story about Richard and her at the mall was exactly what Emily and Lorelai needed. I was so relieved to see Emily and Lorelai’s relationship finally have a somewhat happy ending. It made my little heart grow three times that day.

Photo: Netflix

Photo: Netflix

Rory had an interesting start in this episode with a talking crow, flashing lights and a man in a gorilla mask. Oh who could it be? The Life and Death Brigade of course. Finn, Robert, Colin and last but not least, Logan visit Rory and take her out on a wild adventure once again. Because we really needed a full scene of these guys buying clubs, cars and bed and breakfasts. Don’t get me wrong, I loved how beautifully weird the whole scene was but I don’t think we need that much of them especially when we could have got more of Jess or anything else for that matter – honestly I would have loved more Kirk but that’s just my opinion… Logan, Rory just can’t quit you. Or can she? She finally breaks it off for real this time, even turning down a free house from Logan! He wants her to have a place to write her book, but Rory already knows where she’ll write it – in Richard’s office.

Rory goes back to her grandparents house and we get wonderful flashback of the four of them sitting at the dining room table. I loved how they were able to insert the flashback into the scene making it look like Rory was watching them. The voice overs and flashbacks were eerie, but beautiful. Then when Rory goes into Richard’s office we get a quick glimpse of Richard sitting at his desk. I still can’t get over how emotional this scene was. It was probably one of the best scenes of this episode.

Alright, let’s stop crying and get to something happy, Luke and Lorelai are finally getting married! When Lorelai gets back from California she tells Luke all about her epiphany, but Luke being, well, Luke thinks this is her way of telling him she’s breaking up with him. Quite the opposite! She tells him she wants to marry him and everyone sitting in front of their TVs started cheering and crying tears of joy because this took way too long to happen. The wedding scene was gorgeous and I totally teared up when Lorelai texted Kirk: “It’s perfect!.” Kirk did something right!

Photo: Netflix

Photo: Netflix

Let’s talk about Emily. I loved how throughout this season Emily was very much apart of the story. It wasn’t just all about Lorelai and Rory but about all three generations. Emily just lost her husband and is going through so much grief. Her and Lorelai get into one of the biggest fights they’ve ever had. Emily didn’t want to be alone in that huge house so she’s actually being nice to the maid and her family, which was so refreshing to see. But, my favorite scene was when she had enough of the D.A.R.’s crap and called them out, and said “bulls**t” three times! That’s right Emily, you tell them what’s what! Emily grew a lot and I’m so glad her story benefited so much from the revival.

Emily’s use of the word “bulls**t” was amazing, but it was just one example of how crude these four episodes were. There was a lot more cussing, mentions of sex and fat/slut shaming. Don’t get me wrong, I have a dirty mind and cuss like a sailor but even I found myself saying “Woah, that was crude” on multiple occasions throughout the revival. Granted, this was put on Netflix and not on regular television so it makes sense that they could get away with a lot more. But that definitely doesn’t excuse the body/slut shaming specifically. In the D.A.R. scene Emily slut shames the woman who is trying to get into the D.A.R. and in the “Summer” episode Rory and Lorelai fat shame “Back Fat Pat.” I know that in the past Gilmore Girls wasn’t always “politically correct” but you’d think after 10 years we would’ve seen some change.

Next up we have Dean’s scene. Finally! I’ve waited for three and a half episodes for this annnnnd now he’s gone. Okay, well that was quick and…awkward. Dean looks great, he has a wife and kids (with a baby on the way) and is in town visiting his parents, oh but let’s just talk about his sister living in Germany with her new boyfriend that he hates (because that’s what big brothers do) for like five minutes. I really didn’t need my precious Dean scene to be all about Dean’s sister and then to have Rory make it awkward by saying, “Well, she’s young. It’s her first love. It’ll probably…” Way to bring that up Rory. She ends up telling him about the book she’s writing which makes Dean a little wary, I mean can you blame him? Fortunately Rory tells Dean what she wants to write about him and he seems more okay with the idea. They end the scene with a cute nod to their first kiss (the corn starch!) and Dean got his closure, finally.

Photo: Netflix

Photo: Netflix

Okay, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the last four words:

Rory: “Mom?”
Lorelai: “Yeah?”
Rory: “I’m pregnant.”

After doing some research I found out that this is actually how Amy Sherman-Palladino wanted to end the original Gilmore Girls series (when Rory was 23, not 32). She wanted a cliffhanger ending and had always planned for Rory to end up like Lorelai, so much so that you can spot so many parallels. I won’t list them all, but the biggest one would be that Logan is Rory’s Christopher and Jess is her Luke. Even though Rory doesn’t end up with Jess, he still does the classic Luke thing of never saying how he really feels when it comes to love.

The whole revival came to a full circle. In fact, you can probably remember Lorelai repeating the line “full freaking circle” to Emily in an earlier scene. Full freaking circle is right. After wrapping my head around the ending I thought more in depth about these last four episodes. Rory went to see Christoper and we all thought that she was asking him things about their life for her book, but boy were we wrong! She asked him if Lorelai had made the right decision rising Rory on her own, which Christoper responded with, “I think it was exactly what was supposed to happen, and I think she would back me up on that.” Going back to this scene now after knowing Rory’s pregnant makes so much more sense.

Photo: Netflix

Photo: Netflix

Overall I think the revival had a lot of successes and a few failures. I’m content and more or less satisfied but I also feel like it was a little bit of a cop out to have Lorelai and Rory’s stories so similar.

Tell us your thoughts about the last four words! What did you think of the revival as a whole?


Lorelai's story about Richard.
The amount of times Emily said "bulls**t."
Luke and Lorelai's wedding.
The flashbacks and voice overs.


We get a very long scene with the Life and Death Brigade.
Dean's scene was mostly him talking about his sister.
Rory names her book "The Gilmore Girls" - A little too meta?

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Rory's going to write a book about her relationship with Lorelai, Luke and Lorelai finally get married and Rory drops some news leaving the show on a huge cliffhanger.

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