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Fear the Walking Dead Review: You Can’t Always Go Home in “El Matadero”

by on October 9, 2017

In an episode that has Alicia trying to strike out on her own and the survivors of the Ranch heading for the damn in hopes of finding shelter and re-uniting Ofelia with her father, the concept of home becomes more skewered, begging the question, is there anywhere survivors of this apocalypse can really call home?

While Nick and Troy are off trying to convince Alicia to come back, we discover that OfelFTWD_314_RF_0615_1145-RT__scaled_600-600x401ia has been bitten. Ok, didn’t see that coming. What makes this great is that, sorry Ofelia, but when they arrive at their destination Daniel is not there, so they have to keep her alive until he returns, and hope that he will appreciate what they did, even in his grief. Knowing Daniel as he does, and being a bit of a snake himself, Victor does not agree with the strategy of throwing themselves at the mercy of Daniel, which kind of makes sense. Still, as Madison points out, what other play do they have?

Meanwhile, Nick and Troy find Alicia and yes, she is still determined to stay out on her own. I understand her being sick of everything and there is now good reason to argue the case of ‘safety in numbers’ that Nick is trying to sell. However, no matter what crap you’ve been through it’s hard to imagine that you could survive on your own very long and to that end after the boys leave it doesn’t take her long to run into someone who she might consider an ally. (Wait, what happened to wanting to be alone?)

Daniel and Ofelia, fathefear-the-walking-dead-episode-314-madison-dickens-2-935r and daughter, are finally reunited although not in the way many would imagine. It is a great scene, very powerful that leaves many lives hanging on the emotional decision making of a man who is pretty ruthless to begin with. One thing is for sure, Victor doesn’t trust him and to that end is up to something that I’m sure will come back to not only bite him in the ass but those around them as well.

I did not understand the point of Nick and Troy’s little mind-bending adventure. Boys being boys? The whole bromance between these two is baffling, especially with all the things that Troy has done, that for some reason people just conveniently forget about. In Nick’s case, it’s almost like a rebellion against his mother and Madison now has to deal with the fact that both her kids may be lost to her, in some way, shape or form.

In fact, everyone looks pretty tired and defeated, and with some of the shenanigans that went on in this episode, maybe that goes for the writers as well. With next week being the two-hour season finale, they all have one final chance to leave a great impression, go out with a bang and give the loyal fan base a fitting end to a rather inconsistent season.

Three stars out of five


- Always good to see Daniel ready to blow

- Victor is up to something, which is always fun


- Alicia's reasons for wanting to be alone are good. Actually being out there on your own, not so good.

- Will someone just kill Troy? Why is he still alive?

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Bottom Line

After last week's wonderful episode, "El Matadero" was a pretty big letdown. The cast looks tired, writing is tired, this is not the way to go into a two-hour season finale. Let's hope everyone sucks it up and leaves the fans on a high note

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