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Fear the Walking Dead Review: Sadness and Turmoil in “Buried”

by on May 7, 2018


I was fully expecting a lull of sorts this week after the big death from last week. In defense of any show experiencing this, just how do you get right back on the horse after such an emotional and shocking moment? Well, Fear the Walking Dead had the solution, rolling out an excellent episode full of revelations, great character moments and a zombie-infested water slide.

In the aftermath of Nick’s death, Althea finally gets her wish as Victor, Luciana, and Alicia begin to tell their stories. It turns out to be a mixed bag of revelations and very different circumstances that have them all convinced their individual choices eventually led to the death of their friend/lover/brother. It was very well done as we take another trip inside who these people are and how fragile their situation really is.

You’ve got to love Victor, who over and over again proves that a leopard really never changes its spots. People keep trusting this guy, giving him another chance but he is all about himself, even though this time he did the right thing. He is a great character though, and it’s wonderful to see people continually turn a blind eye to his crap only to get stabbed in the back again and again. Hey, at least he’s consistent.

In more flashbacks we see Luciana and Nick, scavenging in a library, make a choice that comes back to haunt them. In fact, this episode was all about making choices and believing in the greater good, and how sometimes that still does not protect you from the horrors of this new world. Alicia knew she should have tried to convince her mother to leave the stadium but something bad happened obviously, and now here they are. The fate of Madison still remains a mystery, although I’m sure she will pop up sometime very soon.

How about that lovely little scavenging trip by Alicia and Naomi to that water park? Even in the light of day, it was creepy as hell and the whole setup up, filming, writing etc., was done perfectly. I wasn’t that surprised at what Naomi tried to do but again, the way things turned out she was right to think that way. Hell, they were all thinking that way but once again Madison convinced them otherwise. The resemblance between Madison and Rick from The Walking Dead continues to grow in this episode, and for all the wrong reasons. I can’t wait to finally see how all the bad shit went down at their home base in the stadium.

In the end, Althea got more than she bargained for in the arrangement with this group. They got her to take them to a specific place, not for Nick’s burial, but to prepare for some not so well thought out revenge. There was also a startling revelation at this time involving John Dorie and the search for his missing lady, one that will tie in nicely next week I’m sure.

I have to say that “Buried” was wonderfully thought out and executed, giving last week’s brutal death, a great follow up and lead into what comes next. I only hope that one day soon people will stop trusting Victor to go anywhere without an escort.

Four and a half stars out of five




- Great follow up to last weeks episode

- Wonderfully thought out and acted

- Zombie-infested water slide? Love it


- Why, why, why does anyone trust Victor with anything?

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Bottom Line

A brilliantly planned out and executed episode, "Buried" showed off all Fear the Walking Deads strengths and pushed us farther into a world where so much is still unexplained.

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