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Fear the Walking Dead Review: Mysteries, Death and Intrigue in ‘Just In Case’

by on May 21, 2018


I’ve got to hand it to Fear the Walking Dead, they sure know to keep its fan base guessing. From another possible character death to the surprise return (not really) of another character and the fate of Madison still a mystery, things are getting really interesting.

One of the biggest questions still hanging out there, besides what happened to Madison that is, is what exactly led to the Vultures and the good guys clashing at some point? In the ‘Before’ section of this week’s episode, we watched the Vultures pack up and leave without a fight, without anyone dying. Obviously, these two groups don’t like each other but we are still missing a big piece of that puzzle which I’m sure will be explained sooner than later.

A big part of this episode follows Naomi, Strand, and Madison, which sets up the bulk of the backstory concerning Naomi and why she is always running. Death and destruction haunt her from a FEMA center that she and her daughter were at, the same one that Naomi visits this week, with Strand and Madison in hot pursuit. (She ran, it’s what she does. She and Strand should get together) At this center a woman taught Naomi how to survive, a course called J.I.C. which stands for ‘Just In Case’, also the title of the episode.

The woman had a truck prepped with supplies and such and ready to roll at a moment’s notice. She didn’t make it and for some reason, she turned all zombie in the truck somehow. Strange. However, this gives Madison an idea and she has Alicia prep a truck, even though the Vultures are gone, because you know, just in case.

During the other part of the episode, we find John on the search for Naomi and is getting more than a little frustrated with his lack of progress. However, after questioning a member of the Vultures, he and Morgan find out where they’re next meeting place is. Upon arriving, they are greeted by Strand, Alicia, and Luciana, waving their guns all around and yelling for them to get down. This makes little sense at the moment. Even worse, the Vultures show up from one direction, having them totally outgunned, and then Naomi shows up from the other direction, in the care Madison had Alicia prep, you know, just in case.

While this is exciting and confusing, everything really hits the fan when Alicia tries for some reason to shoot Naomi and hits John instead, who goes down with an injury that looks pretty bad. It would be a shame to see them kill John Dorie off now as his character is one of the best on the show. However, after seeing Nick die, I guess all bets are off and while I might not like the idea of it, it makes for some great tension and head-scratching moments for the viewer.

Jenna Elfman was great this week, really selling the pain and horrible state of mind that Naomi is in. However, if Alicia was ready to shoot her does that mean she betrayed them? Has she been with the Vultures all along? I guess we’ll get the answers soon enough but in the meantime, it’s been a great ride.

Four stars out of five


- Jenna Elfman was solid, great backstory on her character

- The twists and turns on this show are leaving the fans guessing

- The time jumping idea is proving to be a great move


- John Dorie better not be dead

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Bottom Line

- Another solid episode that gives us some background on Naomi and why she is the way she is. Wonderful left and right turns in storylines have everyone guessing at what is coming next.

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