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Fear the Walking Dead Review: Change is Coming in “Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame”

by on June 26, 2017

It was interesting to watch what seemed to be a simple, innocent beginning of an episode escalate and then the consequences of said beginning affect people in strange and captivating ways. While it did lag during one of the storylines overall it was a solid episode that laid some great groundwork for future plot arcs moving forward.

One of the more interesting parts of the episode was the interaction between Nick and Jerimfear-the-walking-dead-episode-305-nick-dillane-9351-850x560iah. It was hard at times to tell if Jerimiah was being sincere in what he was saying, this is part of his charm and power as a leader, or if he was simply blowing smoke up Nick’s ass. Suffice to say, Nick bought into enough of it to further questions some decisions and from the past and ones he was mulling over for the future. For me, Jerimiah continues to lay the groundwork for something bigger, as he is nobody’s fool and thinks long term goals better than almost anyone.

Of course, nothing beats Strand and Salazar spending a little time together, something fans have been waiting to see for a while now. Strand’s promise to take Salazar to the hotel where Ophelia is has the two of them keeping the peace for the moment, but Salazar smells something fishy and sure enough, when they arrive at the hotel things go from bad to worse, especially for Strand. This is not surprising really, given what kind of man Salazar is, but it remains to be seen how this all plays out.

Watching Madison play Troy like a fiddle has been fun, but this week we see Troy put Madison at a disadvantage, playing killer and putting her and everyone else at needless risk. What surprises Troy is Madison is more than up for the challenge, something he should have already learned by now, and this, of course, will eventually come back to bite him in the ass. With each passing episode, Madison is becoming more and more like Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead, and heaven help anyone who underestimates her or gets in her way.daniel-strand-ftwd-1003437-640x320

There were numerous interesting story lines going on this week, except for the one involving Alicia, who becomes more annoying as episode after episode. I don’t know if it’s her character or how her plot arc is written, but her story is just dead weight right now for me. Maybe her little leap of faith will help kick start my interest in her character.

This was definitely a story building episode, expanding the characters and their conflicts on numerous fronts, thus keeping the audience interested. It was well executed and the difference in each of the three main story lines this week helped to focus your attention on certain people and what they were or weren’t doing instead of the drama of the overall internal conflict that has been going on.
It will be curious to see how the next few episodes play out, whether the writers continue on the path they are on now, flip the action switch or go back to drama land. There are good and bad in all these scenarios but the best news is they now have some options to work with.

Four out of five stars


- Madison is proving to be ruthless and cunning in a quiet and unassuming way

- Strand and Salazar have some great moments together

- Jerimiah is proving to be a force to be reckoned with


- Alicia's storyline is weak and dying a slow death

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Bottom Line

A solid episode, 'Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame' continues the run of episodes that are fun, dangerous and meaningful. It looks like the writers are finally getting a handle on, for the most part, the strengths of the show and showcasing them week after week

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