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Arrow’s Midnight City Hits the Bullseye

by on January 29, 2015

No one was quite sure how the storyline of Arrow would pan out sans Ollie after the midseason finale, but the writers’ team must know what they are doing as Midnight City kept the drive on.

arsenal and canary

It was a week of very mixed emotions for the citizens of Starling City and those not present. Between Oliver having weird flashback scenes and Brick inciting a war between him and the police over The Glades, there was a lot of action.

We got a better look at Laurel suiting up as The Black Canary, but got even a better look at the emotional strain it has put on her character. She lies to her father and pretends to be Sara. While at times it was difficult to watch Laurel give false hope to her father, it was equally difficult to watch her struggle with this decision. Laurel suffers a near emotional breakdown before Felicity, in an equally distressing time of her life, encourages Laurel to find her own way instead of her sisters.

palmer and police

In Oliver’s present life he learns more about the intricate relationship between Maseo and his wife Tatsu, this runs alongside Oliver’s flashbacks of working with Maseo to bring down China White and retrieve Tatsu. Oliver is concerned Ra’s al Ghul will kill Maseo once he learns that Maseo has rescued him, Maseo informs Oliver that he should be concerned with the current climate of Starling City. The League of Shadows is on to Maseo and send members to the cabin, where Maseo ad Tatsu take them down and bury their bodies.

Although he is the ringleader of the moving action in the episode, Brick doesn’t make too many appearances. He kidnaps city aldermen and holds them as ransom to the city to pull all of the police force out of The Glades. He does meet with the police as well as Ray Palmer to give them 24 hours or else the aldermen will die.

It may have not felt like a big week for Felicity, but she becomes the new leader directing Roy and Laurel on how to infiltrate Brick’s stronghold and save the two remaining aldermen.


While Merlyn insists again to Thea that they leave Starling City, Thea stands up and makes up her mind to stay. Roy had threatened Merlyn earlier to stay away from Thea. There are a few moments that make you wish Thea was still out of the know and just concentrating on her own life. At the end there is a starling reveal that Thea’s current flirt Chase is in contact with Maseo. For what reason, the writers have yet to reveal, but he does inform Maseo that Thea is not leaving the city.

Other than missing Oliver in the Arrow suit, we also missed the high energy music coursing through the episode, usually by means of the Verdant. There were strong performances by Laurel and her emotional battle, Felicity taking over the reigns amidst her own mourning, and Roy coming in to save The Black Canary and protect his friends.

But fear not for too long, it looks like Oliver is returning, suited up and all, next week.


- Seeing Laurel suit up as The Black Canary but suffer with private dilemmas
- Felicity bonding the group together to save the aldermen.
- Oliver is back in Starling City next week!


- Thea discussing how she has no fear because Merlyn told her not to fear.

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Bottom Line

The episode delivers in deep with the emotions of the characters... and the audience.

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