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Arrow Sinks Giving ‘Tribute’

by on October 19, 2017

Arrow – Episode 2 – Tribute


As Oliver comes under fire again for a leaked photo of him as the Green Arrow, the rest of the team struggles to keep up with the punches. Special Agent Amanda Watson enters the scene to throw oil on the fire, forcing the team to walk on eggshells. As they try and manage the accusations, Oliver is thrown a wrench when a Russian delegation interested in opening factories in Star City are kidnapped. However, the kidnapper is a familiar face, Oliver’s once-friend and Bratva bud Anatoly. It feels like a common plot for the show, who has featured friend turned foe on many occasions. Just last season we watched Chase devolve from right hand man to top villain.


As the team quickens their pace to find the hostages and not given in to Anatoly’s $20 million dollar demands, conveniently the same amount the city just received for a new police facility, Diggle and Dinah butt heads on his inability to pull the trigger. In the episode, Dig reveals he received a shrapnel injury from the explosions on Lian Yu and didn’t seek out the proper medical treatment right away, resulting in his tremors. While this is a refreshing change, it’s difficult to convince us that Dig has been able to get away with this for five months.


During this episode, Oliver again tries to connect with his son William, taking parenting advice from Renee. It’s an interesting personality change for the vigilante and is coming across as one of his biggest conflicts, yet. William is incredibly estranged and doesn’t fall to the charms that Oliver can pull over as mayor. Oliver does make a breakthrough in this department, which leads to the surprising end, with Oliver giving up the Arrow mantle.


And giving it to Dig.


However, there are a few puzzle pieces here that don’t quite fit. The reasons Oliver gives; wanting to be a good father to William and keeping his staying alive promise are valid. But, these can also valid for Dig to not take on the job, also given that Dinah could easily blow up his spot and rally the team against Dig taking up the Arrow.


Lighter on action than most episodes in the Arrow verse, there was plenty of light-heartedness going around. Oliver was given some great lines, especially in the beginning of the episode as he refutes the Arrow allegations to the press. In addition, he finally gets to name drop that good ‘ol Bruce Wayne from Gotham, reminding the audience this is, in fact, a DC Comics television show and there are those connections to be made. Let the internet fly away with thoughts about DC developing a Batman show that is connected to the Arrow/Flash/Supergirl universes (and maybe isn’t Gotham).

Additionally, Curtis and Felicity pull their weight with their research this episode. While they still can’t figure out who sent the leaked picture, they are able to rectify the situation for now by sending in evidence of it being doctored. While it’s enough to cool the presses, it doesn’t stop Amanda Watson from doubling-down on her investigation.


The arc of this season isn’t so clearly defined yet. How long will Oliver resist returning to the Arrow? Who sent the leak? That’s about all we have for now. ‘Tribute’ still feels lukewarm compared to other starts but at least it leaves room for questions.


Bruce Wayne namedrop


Dig accepting the Green Arrow baton knowing he is handicapped at the moment??
No clear plot

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