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Arrow Review: Time Out for Some Bonding in “Underneath”

by on May 4, 2017

I really don’t have a problem with Arrow taking the time to address some personal issues on the show, especially the ongoing drama between Oliver and Felicity. However, it feels wrong in terms of the timing and brought any momentum it had built up to a screeching halt, especially with the horrible plot arc that would have us believe Oliver and Felicity were ever going to die. That being said, it did show us how far Prometheus has come as a villain when he loomed over the entire episode, especially the ending, while only having about ten seconds of screen time.

When we left off last week, there was an explosion in the bunker and Oliver and Felicity were inArrow-520-1-600x412 trouble. While they initially thought Chase was there it turns out he had something else up his sleeve and the two were trapped, running out of air, with no power and few options. This set up the whole episode in terms of escape, Prometheus and dealing with the unresolved issues between the two of them.

First, let’s talk about the Diggles. John and Lyla got to work on their issues, that being respect and trust for each other’s work environment. I did enjoy Lyla giving John the gears in this episode as his holier than thou approach to what she was doing at ARGUS was laughable, especially considering some of the things he and Team Arrow have done in the past. Still, it was an interesting conundrum these two had created and it was more interesting to see how Lyla continued to boggle John’s mind throughout the episode.

The main plot of this episode, however, was the Oliver-Felicity drama. I knew this would be re-visited again, I was just surprised that it was done now. The timing of this verbal love in between characters did make me think, are they setting up the death of one of these characters? I like this idea but well, we all know how that worked out with Laurel Lance so I’m not holding my breath.

Anyway, back to the strandarrow-season-5-underneath-image-6-600x400ed ex-lovers…circumstances unfold that lead to Oliver spilling the beans on some information that Felicity never had and at the same time, Oliver and Felicity both realize that they can’t deny the feelings they still have for one another. (Wow, really?) Part of this discussion was similar to the one the Diggle’s had, in that both Oliver and Felicity need to have more respect for each other in terms of work. Felicity’s recent turn as part of the super hacker group was doomed to fail and yet Oliver should not be so quick to judge, considering what he has done in the past. Does this mean these two will get back together? I really don’t care, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the overall flow of the show.

There was a nice little cliffhanger as well, where Chase/Prometheus finally made an appearance, showing his hand in terms of what he has in store next for Oliver. It was actually quite important and might go a long way to where this is going to leave Oliver as a person and a hero.

While the episode itself was pretty average, it did have some moments that could have an impact before the season is over. The time for talking is now over, though. Let’s get to the heart of what’s going on and find out what Prometheus is going to do next.Three stars out of five


- Good to see some issues get resolved

- You know Prometheus has become an impressive threat when he is barely in the episode but is still a force to be reckoned with

- Felicity and Oliver's flashbacks were actually useful


- Strange time to be doing an episode like this

- I miss the dark and brooding Diggle/Oliver combo

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Bottom Line

A very strangely timed episode, "Underneath" addressed some relationship issues which needed to be done but dragged down some of the momentum of the show at the same time

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