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Arrow Review: Revenge Gets Messy in “Blood Debts”

by on January 21, 2016

So first off, as with The Flash, great to have Arrow back being Arrow and not busy building up the plot lines for Legends of Tomorrow. While it was a pretty solid and well thought out episodes, there were a few of those ‘Arrow’ moments that left me shaking my head a bit. Still, I’ll give them a pass as revenge runs rampant through this episode and that doesn’t always allow for the best ideas.

I was glad they jumped in and dealt with the Felicity issue right away instead of dragging it on through the whole episode or even beyond. While she hardly come out unscathed at least she’s alive, which begs the question, just who is in that grave that Oliver and Barry are standing over? In the show’s timeline it is still four months away and while I really have no clue at this point, let’s hope the writers do and have worked out all the kinks so it doesn’t flop like a bad B movie.arrow-blood-debts-trailer-the-cw-hd-720p-mp4_000009759

So while Oliver is hunting down and interrogating ‘ghosts’ about the whereabouts of Damien Darhk, Diggle decides that enough is enough and tries to beat some information out of his brother Andy. Not the best brotherly communication but hey, Andy is being an ass and they need this info. This was a good moment for Diggle’s character and the fact that he finally got some information from Andy really wasn’t the point. In the end, he got some decent camera time and wasn’t interrupted by Oliver and his ‘let’s do it my way now’ attitude. (That helmet though, oh man. It still hasn’t grown on me, don’t think it ever will)

While hunting for Darhk, it was curious to see Team Arrow beaten to the punch, (well not really as Darhk was gone) finding dead ghosts and a big letter A, marking the return of Lonnie Machin aka Anarchy (Alexander Calvert) This certainly threw a wrinkle into things, especially when everyone sort of meets at Darhk’s house for the big beat down finale of sorts. Oliver and Darhk do end up facing off but not in the way everyone thinks it will happen. Another interesting twist that at least prolonged us having the pleasure of Damien Darhk’s company, for awhile anyways.CBR-Anarky-b13f6

It was also interesting to watch Anarchy goad Speedy on, describing Thea as both his savior and possible recruit in his anarchist ways. He was so good at it that those moments when Thea had the chance to put an arrow in his eye seemed real and how the consequences of their final meeting might have repercussions down the road.

Of course, this couldn’t be Arrow without Oliver making some bad decisions and going all ‘almost vigilante’ again. While that storyline is a bit tiresome, I’ll give them a pass because of what happened to Felicity. Also, who in the heck still let’s this guy plan anything? Even when he’s not wracked with guilt his ideas/plans usually end up in chaos. I’d nominate Diggle, but he’s got enough to worry about, what with carrying the big, ugly ass helmet around on his head.

Overall, a solid return for Arrow and a nicely paced episode. I’m going to refrain from mentioning the flashback because they are just a pain in the rear still, Oliver’s glowing tattoo notwithstanding. (Watch the episode, you’ll know what I mean)

Three and a half stars out of five


- Good pace with great action and plot threads

- Felicity dealt with right away

- Damien Darhk is still a great villian


- Oliver's failed plans...again.

- Diggle's helmet. I wonder if he feels the same as me?

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Bottom Line

Arrow came back from the winter holidays with a solid episode that dealt with Felicity and juggled other story lines at the same time. While we still don't know who's in the grave, it's safe to say that someone important is going to die and that should be very interesting to watch.

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