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Arrow Review: Mayor Queen Takes Center Stage in “Fighting Fire With Fire”

by on March 2, 2017

As Arrow has consistently floundered around this season I trying to find its way, it was interesting to see an episode that had such a big reveal also saw the Green Arrow on the sidelines. With Mayor Queen getting the most camera time, the show actually built some moments, some story lines that also had some nice action throw in there as well. Minor nitpicking aside, I’d love to say this episode was building towards something515_arrow_photo07 but at this point I have no clue where this show is going.

The show centered around the impeachment hearing and whether or not Mayor Queen was going to get the boot for covering up the involvement of Green Arrow in the death of Detective Billy Malone. This is when Oliver learned what true politics was about, getting multiple options from different people to get him off the hook, except they involved sacrificing someone close or playing the dirty politics game that he wants no part of. Still, it was good to see Oliver where his big boy pants for most of this episode and try and figure out a way out of this mess.

Of course, once his cover-up became news it launched Vigilante into action to try and take the Mayor down permanently. This quick action scene was well done and a lot of fun, showing me again that Arrow knows how to do action scenes and do them very well. Showing some restraint was great, especially with more action to come and something I wish the writers would do more often with parts of this show that don’t involve action.

The big surprise was mid-way through the episode PromVigilanteetheus took off his hood and revealed his identity. I don’t know about anyone else but I was caught off guard, leading me to puzzle over the identity of the Vigilante. It was a strange time for this big reveal but done in such a way that felt good with the flow of the episode. Shocking to be sure but not a bad thing at all, and leaves room for a lot of things to happen moving forward.

As far as the flashbacks go…yeah, brutal and boring as usual. The whole Russian backstory is gone on way too long so I’m just going to leave it right there in terms of discussion.ar515b-0019b-1487967913646_1280w

I did enjoy the moments Curtis and Felicity had in this episode as both had larger implications for both the characters and the show and not in a good way. Curtis started out having a good time, inventing and activating his T-spheres (which also led to many jokes throughout the episode). He even saved some teammates lives with them, showing off his usefulness to the team. But a dinner with his estranged husband Paul goes horribly and this may be what pushes him into a darker place both as a person and as Mister Terrific. Felicity also goes deeper down the rabbit hole with the hacker group Helix and we know this is not going to end well. Her past persona of rebel hacker is beginning to take over and while her actions might end up benefited  the team short term, who knows what price she is going to have to pay for choosing this path? One thing is for sure, it won’t be pretty.

The combination of the decision Mayor Queen makes to get out of this mess, the identity of Prometheus and the Vigilante still at large and his identity unknown, Arrow has now set itself up for a solid finish to this season. Don’t screw it up, guys and gals.

Four stars out of five


- The identity of Prometheus took me a bit off guard

- Good, tight action sequences

- Curtis and Felicity are going down a dark path and while that's not good for them, it makes for interesting viewing


- Flashbacks. Awful.

- Oliver's 'girlfriend' is annoying as hell

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Bottom Line

A solid episode all around, 'Fighting Fire With Fire' has now laid the foundation for a great finish to this season. Whether or not it happens is still to be determined but they have taken the right steps to ensure a fun and action packed end to season five. Let's see if they can pull it off.

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