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Arrow Review: Family and Villains Join the Crossover Fun In “Invasion!”

by on December 1, 2016

While The Flash was a blast during their turn at this crossover event, Arrow took things to another level, and also to a weird and unexpected place, during they’re shot at taking the reins so to speak. Not only did some old Arrow villains come calling but because of the whole alternate reality story line, we were able to visit with some characters who have left the show, some of whom have been sorely missed.image-the-cw

Unlike The Flash, where there was less chat and more action, Arrow went a different route with its episode, taking Oliver Queen back to another reality where things could have been much different. His parents were still alive, Laurel was still alive and about to become his wife and Diggle was the Hood/Green Arrow instead of him. It gave Oliver a chance to soak up what life could have been like without the Arrow and with his family still intact. It also gave us a chance to see some friendly faces again, especially Susanna Thompson as Oliver’s mom, who was a great character and is still missed.

However, Oliver starts having flashes of images from his real timeline and soon the core group from that life begins experiencing the same things. Things don’t feel right and this eventually leads the group on a mission to find what exactly is going on. Before this can happen however the aliens known as the Dominators, who we know are behind this deception, throw out some old enemies to stop them, in the form of Damien Darhk, Malcom Merlin and Deathstroke. This was a great move and the fight scenes we’re top notch, especially the Deathstroke/Oliver and Darhk/White Canary throw downs.

Meanwhile in the real world, Team Arrow and Cisco from Team Flash are working together to try and find out where Oliver and friends have been taken. Things ars020b-n30-arw-110-03-640x300en’t all nice and cozy here however, with Wildog voicing his distaste and distrust of metahumans and wouldn’t you know, Evelyn Sharp is mysteriously absent. Interesting. Still, they find some tech they need that has been stolen by a now juiced up meta-human and it’s time to fight. What made this stand out was the efficient but brutal way Flash and Supergirl took her down, almost enjoying putting a beat down on someone. It was a very strange scene that really didn’t seem to fit in the overall feel of the episode or the character’s shows.

Oliver, Ray, Sara, John and Thea have escaped their ‘pods’ and are in the middle of a run and gun moment when Ray discovers just where exactly they are, that being aboard what looks like an alien mother ship in space. Jumping in a smaller ship, like the one that crashed during The Flash, the group escapes and is scooped up by a familiar ship from Legends of Tomorrow, which sets up the final part of this event series as the huge alien ship is now heading towards Earth with some sort of weapon nearing completion.

It took some guts to go the alternate reality route as part of the story, seeing how the flashbacks on Arrow generally show the story down instead of help it, and I must say that with the rest of the plot arcs made for another entertaining episode. Say what you will about these shows, they all have their faults, but this crossover event has been done really well up until this point. Let’s hope they finish things off with a bang on Legends of Tomorrow.



Four out of five stars


- Heroes, villains, family and aliens...

- Great to see some old faces, both good and bad

- Alternate reality story line actually worked


- The Supergirl/Flash beatdown on the meta-human was vicious and totally out of character

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Bottom Line

Continuing where The Flash left off, Arrow was fun and thought-provoking this week as it took its turn in the crossover event "Invasion!" The only downside I see is there is now a lot of pressure on Legends of Tomorrow to wrap this up in a satisfying way while being as entertaining as the last two episodes were.

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