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Arrow Review: Dumb Fun All Around in “Sins of the Father”

by on February 11, 2016

When it comes to the League of Assassins, I have always had mixed feelings on their participation in Arrow. On one hand, they have served a purpose in plot arcs and bad guys but on the other hand, in episodes like “Sins of the Father” they can reduce ‘villains’ like Malcolm and Nyssa to almost a cartoon state, spouting dumb dialogue and making one dumb decision after the other. It kind of kills the tension, when you realize that the threat is really no threat at all.46741488a3b54926c9279e157e9d43bc

Initially, pitting Malcolm against Nyssa, a sort of League of Assassins civil war with Team Arrow caught in the middle was a fun idea. It made for some fun action sequences and created another one of those dilemmas for Oliver, you know, that his is really bad at solving. This time however, he actually put his thinking cap on and came up with an interesting solution, which in of itself was refreshing.

The problem was the little civil war brought out the stupid in both Nyssa and Malcolm, both of whom made statements and decisions that were honestly, just ridiculous. What made it worse as the back and forth between the two kind of made sense at first. Then as the episode progressed it went from silly to just plain dumb. Malcolm gets a bit of a pass as he has been, and always will be, a two faced schemer. But Nyssa made statements that were not only dumb but completely contradicted one another, making her character look foolish far too often.

The secondary plot involved arrow-sins-felicityFelicity and her father, which wasn’t too bad. It was interesting to see if she would be wooed by his ‘fatherly’ charms and sucked in like her mother was so many times. Actually, Charlotte Ross had a great little part in this episode and as Felicity’s mother, really laid it out for her in terms of what her father was really like. I did like the decision Felicity made although it made me wonder if this meant the end for her dad on the show.

At the end of the episode, Malcolm got the last laugh, meeting up with a certain villain who has been AWOL for a while and suppling him with some rather important information. This was of course, classic Malcolm and this is information that you knew was going to come back and bite Oliver in the ass at some point this season. I don’t have any sympathy here for Oliver and all the headaches he is soon going to be taking on because he wouldn’t share like a big boy should.

After watching this episode, I really wasn’t sure what the writers were hoping to achieve here. Silly dialogue, dumb decisions and then, some more really dumb decisions made for a lot of laughs that really shouldn’t have been there. I ended up caring less and less for certain characters well-being and more interested in getting this episode over and done with and moving closer to finding out who is in that grave.

Three stars out of five


- Goofy fun with the assassin civil war

- Malcolm was at his scheming best


- Nyssa and Malcolm said and did some really dumb things

- Oliver's secret. Why do we ever care?

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Bottom Line

While the episode started out with some promise, "Sins of the Father" quickly degenerated into bad dialogue and horrible decision making by many characters. Looking forward to putting this episode behind me and moving on, hopefully to better things ahead.

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