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Agents of SHIELD Nails Ghost Rider Origin in The Good Samaritan

by on November 2, 2016
Plot Synopsis

Ghost rider origin story: Agents of SHIELD style.


Did you all watch this episode? Is your jaw still on the floor? Good, keep it there until Agents of SHIELD returns after a few weeks break due to the United States election and Thanksgiving.

We’ll get into our review in just a second, but we did want to say HOLY S*#! Marvel has introduced another Ghost Rider, and the show has pretty much confirmed that it is Johnny Blaze. After all the Darkhold was revealed in last weeks episode to be found in the basement of someone with Quentin Carnival posters, which Johnny Blaze had worked for.


That’s not Robbie!

Holy. Moley. His involvement with turning Robbie into a Ghost Rider deviates from the comics, but we may say we love it even more. We also applaud the show for amping up Robbie Reyes as Ghost Rider. When the show revealed he would be featured this season, we assumed they couldn’t use any of the other Ghost Riders. This is evidence the show had confidence in creating a home for a lesser beloved Ghost Rider. Although, given the current direction of the show, we are certainly loving Robbie.

There is further speculation if Robbie’s confession that he called for someone to help him means that it was answered by someone like Mephisto or another dark figure. Hmm, we’ll see.

And now back to our regular review and recap.

In the beginning of this episode, it’s business as usual. We get more backstory on the Darkhold’s usage at the Momentum Energy Labs with Lucy and Joseph Bauer and Eli Morrow. The pacing on the front half of the episode is standard. But as the minutes charge on, a new layer is revealed, and pretty soon the connections and revelations leave every second dripping with intensity.


Not only do we learn that Joseph Bauer ordered the hit on Eli Morrow, which went wrong and injured Robbie and Gabe, but we learned that Eli has his own perverse intentions to harness the Darkholds energy.

Not only were there callbacks to Agent Carter’s Isodyne story line with Zero Matter, but we get a Ghost Rider vs Patriot fight. Oh, and Fitz, Coulson and possibly Robbie get turned into ‘ghosts.’ Oh, SHIELD now has the Darkhold. This is all crazy.

What really adds to this episode is really the whole packaging of it. The score is on point. The cast delivers on acting, from the emotional scenes between Gabe and Robbie, the frenetic energy of a nerve-wracked Fitz over Jemma’s disappearance and the severity of the problem at hand, and even the humor the writers have been weaving in so poignantly.


The show has been playing with the themes of religion since as early as the Inhumans storyline began back in season two. Now, they’ve added on to their God lore, weaving in magic and a ton of death. It’s reminiscent of how excellent Thor explained Asgardian technology back in his first movie to Jane Foster.

Over the next few weeks we will all have to ponder what Eli Morrow’s deception means, what happened to Fitz, Coulson and Robbie and where did Director Mace black bag Jemma off to.

The Good Samaritan started out as a sleeper, but it is evident it will go down as one of the finest episode in the history of the show. In all honesty, we are still reeling from the fact that there are two, TWO Ghost Riders. Seriously, Agents of SHIELD, give me more.

Agents of SHIELD returns on Nov. 29.




We have to wait until the end of November for more

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Bottom Line

We cannot sing the praises to this episode enough.

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