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American Horror Story Hotel Review: Women Rule in “She Wants Revenge”

by on December 10, 2015

Well, if The Countess wasn’t on your hate list before I’m sure she will be now after this episode. While Ramona got some well-deserved attention in this episode, The Countess ruled the day like a black widow spider catching victims in her web. It may have played out like a soap opera at times but “She Wants Revenge” was well acted and very well thought out.American-Horror-Story-Hotel-She-Wants-Revenge-645x370

As the episode begins we see The Countess doing double duty. On one hand she is bubbling with rage about what James March did to her and on the other hand she is planning to marry Will Drake. I’ll say one thing for The Countess, she never stops moving forward with whatever twisted plans she has going on in that head of hers. With a simple ceremony at the hotel, minus a hilarious objection by Liz Taylor, it is over very quick and The Countess is now Mrs. Drake.

However, there are plans within plans going on here and nothing is really as it seems. Are The Countess and Donovan planning something? Is The Countess going to really be happy as Mrs. Will Drake? What exactly is going on between Donovan and Ramona? Sure sounds like a soap opera, doesn’t it?

Ah yes, Ramona. Thankfully, maxresdefaultAngela Bassett gets to roll out her considerable acting chops in this episode and does so by explaining to Donovan why it took her twenty years to come looking for revenge. Ramona’s sad and pitiful explanation about what happened when she went home to lick her wounds after being dumped by The Countess, was both wonderful acting and writing. It’s too bad that no one can be trusted on this show because Ramona can’t do what she has planned alone and everyone is a snake.

The episode also touched upon what happened to the kids from the school, you remember, the ones who are now bloodsuckers and running loose in the neighborhood? It seems Alex has been keeping track of some mysterious deaths on the news and soon tracks down the kids to a house that is full of bodies, a testament to just how much these kids don’t care about anything about their hunger. It remains to be seen how this is going to play out but at least Alex felt useful in this episode.

There were a lot of pieces being moved around in this episode and it was nice to see the writers keep track of it all, while at the same time making the story lines tighter then they have been recently. Too many times this year some interesting plot threads have been dangled out there only to be wrapped up too quickly or disappear altogether.

By the end of the episode it certainly looked like The Countess had things go her way but on this show, where there is treachery, violence and liars at every turn this big web she has spun still has the potential of falling to pieces and taking her down with it.

Four out of five stars


- Angela Bassett and Lady Gaga were excellent

- Wonderful twists of treachery

- Well written story lines


- Not a big fan of the monster kids story line

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Bottom Line

A well thought out and acted episode, "She Wants Revenge" showcased the great talent of Angela Bassett and continued to show that Lady Gaga is indeed for real. Let's hope this trend continues with the few remaining episodes that are left.

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