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American Horror Story Chapter Four Review: Man Pigs, Blood and Gore

by on October 6, 2016

I’ll say this for American Horror Story, when it’s time to bring out the blood it does so by the bucketful. This was by far the goriest and most disturbing episode of the year but at the same time, also the most informative. We found out a lot about certain characters and the charming area where all of this carnage takes place, all while the blood flowed like a river.

First of all, we find out quite about Lady Gaga’s character as well as Tomasyn White, played by Kathy Bates. These two are quite the pair and if you are traveling in this area, especially in a certain week in October, it would be a great idea to avamerican-horror-story-season-6-denis-ohareoid them at all costs. Lady Gaga started out relatively sane until she was arrested for witchcraft and sentenced to burn at the stake. Needless to say, this didn’t sit well with her and many dead bodies later, she now roams the forest as some weird, evil hybrid sporting horns whose meaning has yet to be unveiled.

Tomasyn White aka ‘The Butcher’  however….she was borderline unhinged from the get-go. If you thought Kathy Bates was evil in past seasons of American Horror Story you really haven’t seen anything yet. Human sacrifice, poison, disembowelment, death in every way, shape and form comes at the hands of this woman, all in the name of a certain antler wearing woman I just talked about. It is no wonder this area is referred to as cursed earth since so much innocent blood has been spilled and splattered upon it, soaking into its very foundation.

It was nice to see Elias (Denis O’Hare) back again, as I thought maybe his appearance the first time was a simple one off. Still a bit crazy but making a lot of sense, Elias lets our cursed couple know exactly what they’re up against and even offers to show them where Priscilla likes to play in an attempt to get Flora back. That really doesn’t go as planned but then, nothing really ever does on this show.

The first three episodeamerican-horror-story-season-6-episode-4-4-a021s all seemed to lean heavily on other franchises or movies, drawing criticism from many people including myself. However, chapter four has definitely put its foot down and said enough is enough, time we show you just what has been behind the bloody curtains all along. The blood and gore may disturb and shock some but really, at this point how can you not expect something completely unhinged to happen during a season of this show?

As it stands now, they have laid down a big chunk of this season’s storyline and are not yet halfway through the season. It stands to reason that there is still a lot of story left to tell, a lot of blood yet to spill but they need to keep the tension and dread at a respectable level in order to keep the interest high. With a few key deaths in this episode, they are going to have their hands full moving forward but here’s hoping they are up to the challenge.

Four out of five stars


- Blood flows like a river and with a purpose

- Kathy Bates is just plain scary

- Some much-needed background was unveiled


- Not sure where they are going to go after this episode

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Bottom Line

Season six of American Horror Story hit the fan with buckets of blood and backstory in chapter four this week. Everything that is great about this show was showcased in this episode but it makes me wonder how they can keep up this level of dread and gore.

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