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Agents of SHIELD: Many Heads, Way Too Much Awesome!

by on November 17, 2015
Plot Synopsis

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 3x08 "Many Heads, One Tale" - The S.H.I.E.L.D. team discovers dangerous truths about the ATCU, and Ward’s plans to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. take a surprising twist, on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” Tuesday, November 17th on ABC.


43 mins


Episode 8 Many Heads, One Tale

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up from the floor. Agents of SHIELD, if I ever had any doubts of you this season, please mark me wrong, so, so, wrong.

In fact, I think I will purely stick to writing everything that was great about the episode.

Starting with my favorite moment, which if you read my reviews on the regular, you will know that I am the biggest Fitzsimmons shipper. Not only does their storyline progress so well, but their storyline crashes into the main plot, and it is absolutely brilliant. If you poked your head on the comments section of Fitz and Simmons related posts on Agents of SHIELD social media, viewers were split in between calling Jemma mean words, or supporting her. I was on her support side, because I looked from her vantage point, she was scared and alone and thought Will was the last person she would ever see. I don’t think her feelings for Will discounted her feelings for Fitz, which is why she had been acting so strange whenever she was around Fitz.

And the show spelled it out so clearly. Fitz and Simmons started out the episode getting on each other’s nerves until Jemma caved and snapped at him for being so nice. It was almost like she had been looking for a reason not to like him and with Fitz doing the right and noble thing, made that entirely difficult. Fitz stands up for himself as well, and we are gifted with a 51 episode payoff. That kiss. That second kiss! I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear Fitz’ words afterwards so I can remain on a little cloud.

I was a very happy gal.

(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

There wasn’t a weak point in this episode. Ward and Hydra, who had been dragging alone the season, finally got their comeuppance. We found out Gideon Malick is the established character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (he wanted to nuke New York in the Avengers as part of the World Security Council), and he imparts some Hydra history to Ward. Fitz and Simmons discovered basically the same information, that there has been a cult in charge of the Monolith who has sacrificed people to try and unleash the planet’s power. Amazing, powerful, television. My prediction is we’ll be seeing Ward going after Fitz and Simmons, so let’s home there’s enough defenses in line to protect the science duo that understands how it works.

Many Heads, One Tale doesn’t rule out the possibility of a Zodiac storyline, either. The ram’s head is an important symbol in that corner of the Marvel 616. Could Will be Aries? Could the planet harness Aries? Is it possible Ward could be as well? These are questions I’m excited to hear the answers on.

If there was any, tiny bit of shred that Ward would be getting a redemption, it probably would not be possible. After torturing his captives and also spraying Andrew with mustard gas, I think it discounts him for any further heroic awards. Unless it maps out to him planning this all out in the end in order to stop the alien plant from bringing destruction.


There were other great moments, like the introduction of Mark Dacascos’ character Giyera. Giyera is an Inhuman and is essentially Malick’s fist. It was great to see Bobbi continuing her action and the improvements on her batons. Also, every time Hunter was on screen was a guaranteed laugh.

Coulson and Rosalind had some great scenes as well, especially Coulson confronting her asking her if she was Hydra. While Rosalind does get reports from Malick, she denied being Hydra, but I wouldn’t 100% rule out Rosalind Price as being innocent.  The ATCU has been letting Hydra pulls its strings.

It was difficult to watch May struggle, but we also got to see that she’s been very logical and rational in her thinking. We find this out when Lincoln talks to her and May reveals that she wants to apologize, since Andrew had killed so many of his friends.

Lincoln was definitely in the finding things out mood, especially when he wanted to talk to Daisy about their kiss a few episodes back. Daisy shrugged it off.


This episode was just, fantastic, action, romance, emotional, and tinged with the comedic styling’s of fake hacker Hunter and smoother operator Mack (and kudos to Mack for calling out Coulson on his inappropriate relationship with Rosalind).

Next weeks episode is called Closure, and after that it is the midseason finale called Maveth, which the show and cast has been touting as epic. After tonight, I have no worries. Bring it on.


Check out the Closure promo below, it airs December 1.



Fitzsimmons kiss!!!


Not today, not today.

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Bottom Line

Everyone should be afraid of how powerful Marvel television has gotten.

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