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Agents of SHIELD Has Fun With Spacetime

by on April 6, 2016

43 min


Episode 15 ­– Spacetime

It’s difficult to understand that Agents of SHIELD’s Spacetime episode was only 43 minutes long. In fact, whole television shows and movies have tried to attack the delicate foe of time, and Agents of SHIELD pulled off the expectations vs. reality succinctly. Directed by Kevin Tancheron and written by Jed and Maurissa Whedon, Spacetime was a full-figured affair compacted into less than an hour.

SHIELD has now introduced a clairvoyant-type character in each season. In the first, it was John Garrett, who didn’t have any particular ability aside from being Hydra, and in the second, Raina gained the power to see the future. For the third season, they revisit the trope but with an invigorated and imaginative telling. As Daisy experiences the visions the homeless Inhuman Charles passes on to her, SHIELD pulls a fast one on what actually happens.

Everything in the vision happens, the alarm in the security room, Coulson shooting at Daisy, Lincoln’s bloodied face, Fitzsimmons holding hand in snow, and Daisy watching Charles die. However, each case was flipped. Despite beating the race to the alarm, Daisy’s vision didn’t account for the one-way mirror, where a guard pulled the alarm. Coulson shot at Daisy’s reflection, killing the guard through the mirror. Lincoln does get a very bloodied face, due to Giyera slamming a fire extinguisher at him. Fitzsimmons hold hands upon Jemma’s request in the ash from the billboard. Daisy watches Charlie die, but only because he saves her from Malick.

edwin police aos

We finally get to see Hive in action, outside of the Hydra lair Malick has been keeping him in. Hive is enjoying his freedom, and he spends the whole episode teaching Malick a lesson or two about power- something Malick had been critical on Ward about. Uncertainty still looms about what Hive’s play is at, however, with the sneak peak for next weeks Paradise Lost, we know that Hive’s true form is the squid (cue Squid-Ward jokes, please!)

More loops are thrown into this episode, such as the return and final transformation of Andrew/Lash. It causes an emotional scene from May. Interestingly, the storyline between May and Andrew looks like a possible parallel for Daisy and Ward. While the Agents of SHIELD haven’t formerly met Hive, Ward being back could definitely spell out some difficulty, especially for Daisy.

In addition, it was great to see the SHIELD team work together. As May tries to beat Daisy’s clock for the alarm, the whole team is pulled in to help run the trial. It’s lighthearted and shows that while there are cracks in their unit, they still can function.

charles inhuman

Another parallel to mention is the Fitzsimmons hand holding scene, it was brought to my attention via Tumblr, which this scene references another famous television show, and one that has been referenced before by the science pair. I’m talking about Rose and the Doctor holding hands in the snow from Doctor Who. Director Kevin Tancheron loves his symmetry, starting the episode showing Charlie’s bird sculpture mixed with embers and ending that on the same note.


Fun, compact, but still thematically serving episode


No Mack, but he's recovering from his injuries

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Good times!

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