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Agents of SHIELD Delivers in Parting Shot

by on March 23, 2016
Plot Synopsis

Bobbi and Hunter become ensnared in an assassination plot after tracking Malick to Russia. As S.H.I.E.L.D. races to save the lives on the line, the team is changed forever.


Episode 13Parting Shot


It’s a spy’s goodbye.

Agents of SHIELD continues to strike the iron while it’s hot with Parting Shot. Delivering a fast-paced espionage-heavy episode, the format switched between Bobbi and Hunter’s Interpol interrogation vs. the events that led them there.


The departure of Bobbi Morse (Adrianne Palicki) and Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) will go down as one of the show’s best, albeit saddest moments. With their final bow, there was no special effects, no fancy choreography or neat camera tricks. The show displayed its true strength, which is grounded in the unity and connection of its characters. While the first season was flawed in plot, it wasn’t flawed in team building, and in Parting Shot, AoS managed to tap into the heart of its early life and combine it with the thrilling action that has helped the show transcend its feeble beginnings. It was a long scene, accompanied with a score that tugged on the heartstrings. The show did not spring for a shock factor, which made the scene resonate even more profoundly.


At the end of that scene, we all looked like the agents saluting their disavowed. Especially, Mack.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.23.17 PM

It wasn’t hard to figure out that Hunter and Bobbi would be exiting the show, or showing up less, given the outside information that Marvel’s Most Wanted had filmed its pilot. AoS navigated this water delicately, leaving room for the pair to return, and yet, making their departure a complete heartbreaker.


The show also bolstered a lot of character development for the two, such as planting Hunter’s panache for making mushroom soup. There were also bigger nods to comic book canon, such as Mockingbird’s call as just ‘Bird’ from Fitz, and the fact that she has been married more than once. Perhaps, Marvel will ret-con Hawkeye’s story to reflect that he was also once married to Bobbi.


Bobbi and Hunter leaving isn’t a bad thing. The show had a large main cast, and they showed difficulty in the past two episodes fitting everyone in. It could be the reason why Joey and Yo-Yo haven’t been seen, Mack was absent last episode, and side stories, like Fitzsimmons have been non-existent. Lincoln was absent this episode, and Daisy says that it is because he’s training at the Cocoon. Their open spots also leave room for possible new Secret Warrior characters.


This episode was also incredibly fast-paced, but not in the way where story is spread thin or action overtakes the narrative. Everything down to the color scheme – the greys, reds and yellows – contributed to an episode with a different feel. The video effects continued to blow the smoke out of the water, with the Inhuman shadow feeling very real and terrifying.

daisy out

Speaking of the Inhuman bogeyman, it was a bit of an upset that he only stuck around for this episode. The premise of his power was very cool, and touches upon something from the first season in the episode Repairs, and that is perhaps why Jemma and Fitz are the ones to figure out how his power works. Simmons said General Androvich can manifest sentient dark force, shifting his density at will. This is reminiscent of the inter-dimensional employee the team fought in the first season. It cracks open a wide range of possibilities.

The episode softened the blow a bit by sprinkling in humor an opportune moments. Hunter, who has consistently been witty, gone in a few more of his own parting one-liners, and even Daisy cracked jokes about the Cyrillic alphabet.

In the last 15 minutes so much happens, from Bobbi killing General Androvich to Huntingbird making the decision to leave SHIELD. The episode had been heavy on material about what SHIELD stands for, from Hunter’s conversation with Bobbi early on to Hunter and May getting into another heated discussion. Coulson’s conversation with the pair also draws in the awe, as he has to accept even more loss for his team. But he accepts their resignation, knowing if SHIELD’s cover is blown, a lot more people will be in danger.

At the very last, we are introduced to Malick’s daughter, while unnamed, IMDb lists her as Stephanie. She shows great interest in Hive and with her entrance, she will probably be important to the plot. Early guesses say she may become Madame Hydra.


It was an excellent send-off for two characters we will sorely miss.




- Beautiful cinematography, writing and action
- Humor


- Huntingbird departure
- Wish General Androvich could have stuck around for longer

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Bottom Line

A touching episode with a lot of humor and heart.

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