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Agent Carter Gets Lost with Better Angels

by on January 26, 2016
Plot Synopsis

Peggy’s search for the truth about Zero Matter puts her on a collision course with her superiors as Howard Stark barnstorms in, on “Marvel’s Agent Carter.”


42 mins


Episode 3­ – Better Angels


For an episode packed with a ton of humor, plot slackened. There wasn’t much that happened other then Peggy discovering the Arena Club, to which the pin Dottie had been after and dropped by the men trying to kill Peggy belonged to. It’s an elite men’s social club, and Peggy wants to find out more after the media pegs Wilkes to be a communist.


The episode brings in Howard Stark, working on his Western movie. Stark certainly is comparable to Howard Hughes, he’s neurotic, eccentric and reclusive. And absolutely brilliant. The way he dedicates himself to Peggy to bring back Wilkes after he discovers Wilkes has simply disappeared and has been trying to get her attention by levitating objects around her is also in-character for the tycoon. Wilkes and Howard develop a great relationship throughout the episode, and yeah, they’ve definitely become science bros. Looks like another trait Tony grabs from his father.

peg and wilkes e3


wilkes and howard

Being that Peggy isn’t allowed to go to the Arena Club as it’s a men’s only club, she enlists Howard to get access. Howard throws a bit of a tizzy with Jarvis in the club, and he brings in all his ‘production assistants,’ AKA beautiful young women. While the club tries to deal with Howard’s rule-breaking, Peggy sneaks in, finds the secret conference room and tries to plant listening devices. She’s foiled when the devices backfire and emit a shrieking noise, and she starts a fire as a distraction to get out. She does find some key evidence on her case, newspapers with news that hasn’t happened yet. When she tells Chief Thompson (who had flown in to deal with the case as well) and Chief Sousa, Thompson rails on her to pack her bags and return to New York as she has no solid evidence. Meanwhile, Thompson has been snooping in Sousa’s stuff and watches the clip of Zero Matter. He also happens to steal the evidence and hand it to his FBI buddy Vernon Masters. At the end of the episode, Thompson is taken to the Arena Club by Masters and meets Calvin Chadwick, CEO of Isodyne, husband to Whitney Frost and gunning for a state senate seat. Thompson sees the newspaper, now on the appropriate day, but how he will take it will be played out next time.

sousan and peg

Still, the strongest parts of the episode revolve around Peggy and Whitney Frost. Wynn Everett, who plays Frost, steals every scene. Her descent to become Madame Masque is revealed when she accidentally obliterates her agent Ken. The crack on her forehead spreads, and Frost comes to the conclusion that she is ruined; her face was her meal ticket in Hollywood. She’s absolutely terrifying when she convinces her husband to call upon Mr. Hurt to bring down Peggy.


Sousa and Peggy discover that Frost has been hiding in plain sight the entire time. Peggy and Sousa, despite their falling out, work well together other then when Sousa doubts Peggy because she doesn’t have the evidence. He contributes to the strew of good lines during the night by calling the bruising around her neck a hickey you’d get in Paris. Another great line is when Peggy briefly gets caught in the Arena Club and tells the security guard in her best Valley Girl accent that she sometimes gets confused when she’s around books.

frost setting

The driving force of this season definitely leans on the shoulders of Frost and Peggy. Alone they are both wholly intriguing, and together their scenes are even more loaded. This season is an interesting move for Marvel, and hopefully will bulk up in story and not just depend on likable characters and humor. While we know the history behind the fear of communism in post-WWII, the show itself doesn’t set it up as much. Hopefully we will see the show find it’s footings in next episode, and… bring back Bernard Stark!




- Wynn Everett as Madam Masque/Whitney Frost


- Plot dwindled

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