The Flash Review: Common Sense Takes a Holiday in ‘When Harry Met Harry’

by Jeff Fountainon November 15, 2017
*SPOILERS AHEAD* I don’t usually do spoiler reviews for The Flash but this week’s episode contained enough questionable content that I decided it needed to be addressed head-on. Don’t get me wrong, there were some enjoyable moments but the show also went places that had me scratching my head and wondering what the hell they […]

Star Trek Discovery Review: ‘Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad’

by Jeff Fountainon October 30, 2017
I must admit I wasn’t that thrilled to hear that this week’s episode was going to involve a time loop. Star Trek has been using this as a storytelling device for a while now and it sounded too much like a throwaway episode to me. However, using Harry Mudd helped changed things up and we […]


Star Trek Discovery Review: Lorca and Burnham are Pushed to Extremes in ‘Lethe’

by Jeff Fountainon October 23, 2017
Setting up the first season of any new series is tricky business and with Star Trek even more so, with so much history and canon, people already have their own idea what Star Trek is. Those behind Discovery know this but thankfully they are following their own story, their own path, giving us a small […]

The Flash Review: Loads of Fun, Lack of Substance in “Mixed Signals”

by Jeff Fountainon October 18, 2017
After the strange and not so wonderful season premiere, it was great to see The Flash go to their strength, that being humor and it really showed with the great one-liners and excellent chemistry. However, the episode still left me wanting, with another meta bad guy that was lame and except for a few instances, […]


Star Trek Discovery Review: Discomfort For All in ‘Choose Your Pain’

by Jeff Fountainon October 16, 2017
As we hit episode five, Star Trek: Discovery has begun to spread its wings a bit, giving us multiple storylines that fit perfectly with the title ‘Choose Your Pain’, delving into the physical and mental stress that some of these people are under and what they do to combat it. Captain Lorca is front and […]

Star Trek Discovery Review: “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry”

by Jeff Fountainon October 9, 2017
One of the biggest complaints about Discovery has been how it is too militaristic, too dark and how the human beings are not the enlightened species they will become in the original series in only ten short years later. However, Michael Burnham and Lt. Paul Stamets take big steps towards that humanity this week, causing […]


Review: Star Trek Discovery Hits All The Right Notes in “Context is For Kings”

by Jeff Fountainon October 2, 2017
Science, war, darkness, humor, nerds….”Context is For Kings” was pure Star Trek from beginning to end and even threw some Alice in Wonderland into the plot to give it the extra bit of icing on a very well done cake. We pick up the story six months after the Battle at Binary Stars and see […]

Star Trek Discovery Review: Solid First Two Episodes Full of Promise

by Jeff Fountainon September 25, 2017
Ok, Trek fans. Take a deep breath and relax. While not perfect, “The Vulcan Hello” and “Battle at the Binary Stars” have some great characters, looks fantastic and the storytelling is solid, making the long game, that of extended storylines and plot arcs, look that much more interesting.The show, at least initially, is driven by […]


Orphan Black Season 4 Finale: From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths

by Jordan Wilhelmon June 19, 2016
This season has been a wild roller coaster ride revealing the foundation of Neolution and it’s role of clones throughout the entire series of Orphan Black. This season finale did not disappoint in wrapping up the current chapter of the series and left room for a fifth and (likely) final season. This being based on […]

Orphan Black Season 4: Episode 8 The Redesign of Natural Objects Review

by Jordan Wilhelmon June 5, 2016
This week’s episode picks up on last week’s cliffhanger where we see Donnie taken away into police custody and Detective Duko alone with Alison. This week’s tone was set right at the start of the first scene with Donnie in prison. It starts with the typical Donnie tough guy act, but that quickly disappears when […]