The Mist Review: Cover-Ups and Good versus Evil in “Show and Tell”

by Jeff Fountainon July 7, 2017
So here we are at episode three and for my money, we still don’t have anyone to truly root for. Sure, there are a lot of characters that you wish the mist would swallow hole, never to be seen again, but then there wouldn’t be many people left. While “Show and Tell” did it’s best […]

Preacher Review: A Visit to Hell and New Orleans in “Damsels”

by Jeff Fountainon July 4, 2017
The search for God has taken our fun-loving trio to New Orleans, jazz fan that he is, and we get a backstory for Arseface, including what Hell is like for him. Arseface and his current dilemma are definitely the more interesting of the two story lines, but there are some interesting things that happen in […]


Fear the Walking Dead Review: Home is Not So Sweet in “Red Dirt”

by Jeff Fountainon July 3, 2017
Let’s be honest, here. We all knew things were going to fall apart at the ranch eventually, given how Madison and company have infused doubt and questions about not only what lies beyond the ‘safe’ walls of their community but what the real threat is. Also, Jerimiah’s cult like way of running things was eventually […]

The Mist Review: Characters Begin to Take Shape in “Withdrawal”

by Jeff Fountainon June 30, 2017
As I mentioned in my review of the pilot episode of this series, it will only go as far as the characters take them. The gore and horror were excellent but the individual characters did not really get me emotionally invested in who they were or even if they survived. In “Withdrawal”, The Mist takes […]


Preacher Review: Killers, Magicians and the Search for God Continues in “Mumbai Sky Tower”

by Jeff Fountainon June 27, 2017
After a season premiere that hit all the right notes, action, horror, gore, humor, great writing, it was almost a foregone conclusion that there would be a letdown of sorts. I mean, following that up with something just as good would be impossible, right? Right? Wrong. As crazy and fun as “On The Road” was, […]

Preacher Review: Season Two Premiere “On The Road” is a Blast From Start to Finish

by Jeff Fountainon June 26, 2017
Baby foreskins conversation, intestines for a hose, great catchy 80’s tune during a messy car chase and oh yes, one badass and pissed off cowboy from hell. Now that is how you do a premiere, and that was only in the first ten minutes. When we left off at the end of season one, Jesse (Dominic […]

Daniel Sharman as Troy Otto - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead Review: Change is Coming in “Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame”

by Jeff Fountainon June 26, 2017
It was interesting to watch what seemed to be a simple, innocent beginning of an episode escalate and then the consequences of said beginning affect people in strange and captivating ways. While it did lag during one of the storylines overall it was a solid episode that laid some great groundwork for future plot arcs […]

The Mist Review: Horror, Not the Characters, Save the Pilot Episode

by Jeff Fountainon June 23, 2017
As I prepared to watch the pilot episode of Spike TV’s new adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist, there were a few things that worried me. First and foremost, how horrific and gory was this really going to be on Spike, second, how will the characters come across and third, how were they going to […]


Fear the Walking Dead Review: A Slow Burn with Huge Rewards in “100”

by Jeff Fountainon June 19, 2017
No matter how good the character or story line, it’s always a risk when you deviate from the main thread that drives a show to tell a one-off type of tale or backstory. However, in “100” the writers told a great story about what Daniel has been up to, the trials and tribulations his character […]

Fear the Walking Dead Review: Digging Deeper Into the Family Unit in “Teotwawki”

by Jeff Fountainon June 12, 2017
I wouldn’t necessarily call this a stand-alone episode, as there were too many moving parts that connected familiar story lines, but “Teotwawki” paid close attention to the two family units, the Clarks and Ottos, and how this new life has affected them in different ways. The little ‘infomercial’ at the beginning of the episode told […]