Movie Review: Red Spring

by Jeff Fountainon November 21, 2017
The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival 2017 How do you make a movie about a world ravaged by vampires interesting? The whole apocalypse/vampire genres have pretty much been done to death, so this presents quite the challenge. Successful movies or TV shows that tackle this subject focus on the people and the struggle […]

The Walking Dead Review: Poor Dialogue and Missed Opportunities in ‘The Big Scary U’

by Jeff Fountainon November 20, 2017
*SPOILERS AHEAD* This is one of those incredibly frustrating episodes, you know the ones, where there was so much potential for something great and it was completely flushed down the toilet. With some of the dialogue that characters were forced to spew out this week, I’m now convinced the show is being run by a […]


The Walking Dead Review: Excitement and Tension are Back in ‘Some Guy’

by Jeff Fountainon November 14, 2017
It is amazing what some excellent writing, great acting, and solid direction will accomplish. After three lackluster episodes to ring in season eight, we finally had an episode full of drama, tension, and excitement with ‘Some Guy’. Even another long-winded speech from Ezekiel wasn’t enough to ruin the great overall feel of dread and tension […]

Movie Review: ‘Mayhem’ Takes Rage and Chaos to the Corporate Level

by Jeff Fountainon November 13, 2017
When you think about it, is there a better place to let loose some rage and bloodshed than in the corporate world? Sure, there are some normal people there but the cold-blooded attitude of big business does not usually lend itself to making too many friends. I’m sure there will be many people with a […]


The Walking Dead Review: All Out War Stumbles Again in ‘The Damned’

by Jeff Fountainon October 30, 2017
*SPOILERS AHEAD* There is nothing worse than a show that tries so hard to create some tension when in fact there is really none there. This week in ‘The Damned’, the good guys on The Walking Dead continue their all-out assault on The Saviors and their ammunition reserves in a continuation of the planned out […]

The Walking Dead Review: ‘Mercy’ is a Confusing and Frustrating Beginning to Season Eight

by Jeff Fountainon October 23, 2017
I have been eagerly awaiting the start of this season, especially after suffering through the long and drawn out storylines that plagued season seven. I understand the need for this but it doesn’t need to take up a whole season and drag the momentum they build up in any one episode down like it has […]


Review: Fear the Walking Dead Plays it Safe in the Two Hour Season Finale

by Jeff Fountainon October 16, 2017
*SPOILERS AHEAD* As I look back on season three and try and figure out what the writers were trying to do, I can’t help but feel a little cheated. Sure there were some deaths, such as Ofelia, Travis and in the end, the whole Otto family, but I’m not really sure if there was ever […]

Movie Review: “Rabbit” is a Mesmerizing and Mind-Bending Experience

by Jeff Fountainon October 14, 2017
Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2017 With a wonderful vision, soundtrack and a great sense of dread, Luke Shanahan’s Rabbit is a great way to exercise your brain and have a grand time at the movies again, without the need for explosions and aliens and comic book characters coming out of your ass. Part psychological, […]


Fear the Walking Dead Review: You Can’t Always Go Home in “El Matadero”

by Jeff Fountainon October 9, 2017
In an episode that has Alicia trying to strike out on her own and the survivors of the Ranch heading for the damn in hopes of finding shelter and re-uniting Ofelia with her father, the concept of home becomes more skewered, begging the question, is there anywhere survivors of this apocalypse can really call home? […]

Review: American Horror Story Cult Rolls Out the Clowns, Some Hooks and a Nail Gun in “Holes”

by Jeff Fountainon October 4, 2017
While we find out this week about just who belongs to this cult that has been organized by Kai Anderson (Evan Peters), we also get brutal, up close and personal violence that hits home in many different ways. True evil comes in many forms and the combination of the ‘clown cult’ and true, full-blooded politicians […]